Review – Fun Factory Miss Bi

Fun Factory Miss Bi

The Miss Bi from Fun Factory is a cute lil thing – short and squat with four inches of length (that’s it. like. it’s so short, I love it) and five inches of girth and looking a bit like an imac fucked a sea slug, it’s eminently adorable. It’s also the best dual stim toy I’ve ever tried. Remember way back when in my review of the Tiger G5, also from Fun Factory, where I lamented that it didn’t quite knock the Ina Wave off the top spot? This one’s done it. I didn’t even need to wrangle¬†my ankles behind my ears or anything! It just works.

I’m sure people are rolling their eyes right now and yeah, it doesn’t look like much of a showstopper – in fact, it looks like it shouldn’t work at all, and when Fun Factory sent me it I felt a little ‘oh no’ twinge in my ribcage. Oh god. Why is it wider at the base than the tip? Why is it so short? Fun Factory, what are you doing? Is this the beginning of the end? Needn’t have worried, though – the thing’s like a silicone love letter to my masochistic downstairs.

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