Review – bs atelier alex

bsalex1 bsalex2

My first phallic dildo was a purchase I instantly regretted: a gelatinous, luminescent purple jelly monstrosity with an unforgiving rock hard surface and a frighteningly sculpted set of veins. Before that, I owned an original Lelo Gigi (which still works!) and a selection of garden variety pastel classic vibrators – an oversize strawberry ice cream pink one with ridges, a demure looking lilac thing that made so much noise that I was only able to use it maybe three times before returning it, and a curvy white and mint plastic vibrator that managed to be the wrong shape for basically everything. I seriously wish someone had just told me to buy an alex.

The Alex by bs atelier is 6 inches of gently curved silicone with a slim shaft measuring 3.5 inches around the base, widening to 4 and a half inches at the lovely bean-shaped tip. Bs’ silicone is one of my favourites: soft and supple, it has a satin-y finish, glides freely and can be squished and bent while still keeping that keen upward curve. It’s also available in a variety of vibrant colours, mine being the terracotta orange variant but also coming in paint splatter and heart print (heart eyes forevaaaaaaah).

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