Review – Bondara black glass orb butt plug

This’ll be a quick one, not least because I didn’t take any good pictures for this review so there’s nothing to break up skyscraper size blocks of text with. All you need to know is that Bondara are apparently the keyholders to a kingdom of budget butt stuff that’s actually good, and the large orb glass butt plug is no exception.

I like firm, glossy materials for butt stuff – steel, glass – because they don’t suck up lube like silicone does and weirdly, they’re easier to take. What feels impossibly huge in silicone feels attainable in steel; it’s the glide, I think, there’s no drag, they’re kinder to my insides. Unfortunately, finding affordable glass butt toys in shapes I like (thin stems, wide bases, fat and top heavy) is next to impossible and everything under twenty five quid + postage has this weird squat reverse cottage loaf thing going on where the stem’s almost as thick as both the bulbous bit and the base, which means that 1 in 4 reviews mention how it slipped inside hubby at a critical moment. I am not in the slightest bit exaggerating. This plug is thankfully exempt from all of that, and it’s only £13.99 to boot. Praise be.

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Review – Bondara silicone anal pleasure beads


This is truly a momentous occasion: this is my first set of anal beads, and they are good.

The Bondara silicone anal pleasure beads might have kind of a squicky name, but they’ve fulfilled all my dream criteria for a sex toy. Seriously – they feel good, look good, they’re body-safe, actually work as intended aaand they’re affordable, retailing for £9.99 and currently in a two for £24.99 offer. Nifty!

Unfortunately the Bondara website doesn’t actually mention the dimensions for each individual bead (why?) so I went ahead and measured them myself – the smallest bead is 2 inches in circumference, the second 2.5 inches, the third 3 inches, and the final and thickest is 3.5 inches. I’d stick these firmly in the small to medium category, and although they’re slightly textured it’s nothing I’d classify as extreme or only for the hardened of soul and butthole.

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Review – Tantus Curve dildo & harness kit

curvedildo1 curvedildo2

How long have I been after the Tantus Curve for? Like two years? I wanted one well before I started blogging about sex toys, and it was one of the first things that made it onto my first big proper wishlist, the first one I made that was free of luminescent jelly rubber whatsits. And finalllllly, I’ve got my hands on one – the folks at Tantus sent me the Curve kit.

The Curve surprised me on a couple of levels. I didn’t expect it to be as firm as it is, for one thing; I like my detachable dicks to be on the softer, floppier side (see the Pack & Play 02 & anything Vixskin) but this only has the slightest bit of flex to it. Forgiving is not a word I’d use to describe it, especially with just under 5 inches of girth, those ridges, and the pointed tip that occasionally jabs me in the cervix when I get carried away. It does have a lovely velvety finish though, which reduces drag and doesn’t soak up lube like a sponge, unlike some of my softer dildos.

The Curve was mediocre the first few times I used it. Bordering on unlikable, actually. One of those things where you think it might get better but it doesn’t – sorta like that time I went home with a guy I really fancied and he made me watch two episodes of the Big Bang Theory and when we finally got down to it he was pressing a solid inch away from the important bits even when I told him and moved his hand BUT ANYWAY, I DIGRESS. It was okay. The orgasms were more imagination than anything. C’est la vie. Not everything can be great all the time.

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Stuff I’m into – May edition







a – new appendages! / b – it might have rained nearly all month but that just means things are looking extra green / c – these are not the pink fluffy clouds I was on about in my Pack & Play review, but close enough / d – more fruit’s coming into season yessss / e – pants. literally pants / f – i figured out a new way to store my long paddles! but I had to take them down because my clothes need a place to live too. boo.

Other stuff I was into this month – allll the consolation pizzas, trying to compare the vibrations on the Mystic Wand and Smart Wand and failing every time (it’s too much fun, I don’t know how people manage it), watching my to-review wishlist dwindle, this harness, Mad Max, coconut milk rice pudding, my new meluna cup – I got a small because the medium didn’t work out and it’s green and I love it! it almost makes me wish that I bled regularly…almost, planning my summer, being able to take decent pictures for reviews again now that the sun doesn’t set at 3pm.

More timely offers –

Try and keep hydrated in summer! (unless it’s autumn/winter where you live, I guess…do it anyway, it’s good for youdrdr1)

Review – Vibratex Mystic Wand

vibratex mystic wand

Reading about anal-induced haemorrhoids is THE definitive post-masturbation activity

I feel like battery-powered vibrators have majorly fallen out of favour over the past couple of years. I can understand why; with all the sleek, rechargeable sex toys about now, their battery run counterparts can seem a bit outdated in comparison. “Low-end”. Like finding a walkman in a charity shop and wondering how you ever used something like that. Enter the Mystic Wand – one of my favourite things to put on and around my genitalia, and powered by four thumping great AA batteries. No cord. No USB compatibility. Batteries.

I put off buying a Mystic Wand for aaages because I couldn’t find many recent reviews, and like an idiot I assumed that this was because it just wasn’t as good today as it had been two or three years ago, like, we have more options now, right? No. No forever and ever, as far as the eye can see. A sea of no! I actually regret not buying one earlier because it works so beautifully for me – I even find its power source weirdly reassuring.

Batteries are nothing if not practical; I have a ton of rechargeable toys, and they’re not going to last forever. It’s inevitable. One day I’m gonna try and switch my Smart Wand on or my We-Vibe Touch or whatever, and it’ll have exited this mortal realm while I was sleeping or eating or reading on the loo and there’ll be absolutely nothing I can do about it. I might always forget to buy batteries and have to sneak them from my alarm clock, but I’m not scared that I’ll have to replace the whole rig in two years time, yknow? I have a strange sort of faith in it.

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