(belated) Stuff I’m Into – July edition

flower1 fruitsz

Remember last month when I was all enthused and rosy-cheeked about my job? Hahahahahahahahhaahahahahaha. Anyway, because I grossly underestimated how much time it takes me to write a post + pictures + all the other stuff, the blog was pretty lacklustre during July and in all honestly it’s probably going to stay like that through this month too. I was doing so well and here I am now, fobbing you off with damp fruit and flowers! Typical.

Having said that, I’ve queued up reviews of the Kinky Monkey holographic harness, the bs atelier Alex and maaaybe some not-review posts. I also ordered the Vixen Gee Whizzard from Shevibe like an hour ago (a princely $22 for uk shipping, which really isn’t too bad) and I’m already verrrry excited – expect me to forget about it until I become suddenly indignant in three weeks time after receiving a customs fee.


YOU WILL BE MINE unless, of course, you get lost in the vortex that is customs and royal mail’s sorting facilities

Not-so-timely offers:

041208_0341_zpskdogqvv5hey look someone made a cute pixel of me trying to flush my blog down the toilet where it belongs. INTO THE SEWERS.

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