Review – Bondara black glass orb butt plug

This’ll be a quick one, not least because I didn’t take any good pictures for this review so there’s nothing to break up skyscraper size blocks of text with. All you need to know is that Bondara are apparently the keyholders to a kingdom of budget butt stuff that’s actually good, and the large orb glass butt plug is no exception.

I like firm, glossy materials for butt stuff – steel, glass – because they don’t suck up lube like silicone does and weirdly, they’re easier to take. What feels impossibly huge in silicone feels attainable in steel; it’s the glide, I think, there’s no drag, they’re kinder to my insides. Unfortunately, finding affordable glass butt toys in shapes I like (thin stems, wide bases, fat and top heavy) is next to impossible and everything under twenty five quid + postage has this weird squat reverse cottage loaf thing going on where the stem’s almost as thick as both the bulbous bit and the base, which means that 1 in 4 reviews mention how it slipped inside hubby at a critical moment. I am not in the slightest bit exaggerating. This plug is thankfully exempt from all of that, and it’s only £13.99 to boot. Praise be.

The orb glass butt plug is weighty and top-heavy with a funny sort of diamond shaped head and a long, skinny giraffe neck. Unlike the butt beads I just reviewed, the product description on the website does actually list the measurements but I did them again just to check – the whole thing’s a hair over 4 inches long and 4.5 inches around at the widest part, slimming down to a 2 inch thin neck. I’d call it a medium, but Bondara have it labelled as large. It has a rounder, smaller counterpart and a pink version, too – I felt positively spoiled for choice while picking this out, let me tell you.

Like everything butt-related, I prefer using this one with an oil-based lube (Yes or coconut oil) or a thicker hybrid like Sliquid Silk. I don’t need too much warm up – one, two fingers, lots of lube, warming the plug under the hot tap beforehand so my rectum doesn’t aggressively reject the frozen lump of glass attempting to penetrate it. It doesn’t feel like I’m being stretched out, but there’s a light pressure there and if I try and accommodate something in my vag alongside it, everything feels extra thick. Fuller. It does a good job, is what I’m saying.

The only issue I have with this plug is with the size of the base – round bases are notoriously good at butt-diving (the exceptions I know of being Crystal Delights and the XL Julian Snellings, maybe) and especially so if you’re getting fucked. This has never actually happened to me, though I live in near-constant fear, but I’d like this plug even more if the base were wider. I really really really like it as it is, so imagine how much I’d like it then. Are you awed? You should be.

Thankyou to the lovely people at Bondara for indulging me and sending this great glass buttplug over!

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