Julian Snelling Rosebuds size guide and reviews – small, medium, large & XL princess plugs

princess plugs

princess plugs

I intended this to be a short update originally. Thanks to this post, I get a lot of emails about the Julian Snelling/Rosebuds princess plugs – are they worth it, what’s the sizing like, can I not just get one off amazon – and as I finally got myself an XL from Bedroom Bondage (now defunct) and with Christmas coming up in a matter of weeks, I thought I’d do a little size/shopping guide. And then I started browsing the website and apparently I can talk about fancy expensive buttplugs for a really, really long time.

small1The small is tiny. Itty-bitty and suitable for the shyest of butts, it’s literally pocket size at just over two inches in length and with a bulbous tip that measures three inches around at the widest point, it almost resembles a very shiny acorn. It is to date the cutest thing thing I’ve ever put in my butt and requires very little warmup – lube and a gentle finger – but it’s not without pitfalls, as the base is soooo small and cute it’s entirely possible that it could get pushed inside during vigorous penetration, and the stem feels slightly too short for it to be truly comfortable.

The steel version’s weighty at 90g (the aluminium’s feather-light in comparison at 30g) but it still doesn’t quite provide that fuller feeling I like from a plug – sadly, mine’s been neglected in favour of the next size up, the large. Also, thanks to the diminutive size, I managed to lose mine for three months before I found it under my bed.*

Verdict? Great for those who are very new to or nervous about butt stuff, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to size up in future.


lgmedPreviously, there was no ‘medium’ princess plug in the Rosebuds line; we jumped from small to large to XL and finally to XXL, with a stop at large II (the large size but with a t-bar base) on the way, but at some point in the last year they renamed all the previous large plugs to ‘medium’. This size is nearly always the size I recommend to people wondering whether to get the small or step up, unless you’re absolutely dead set on the smaller one. These are my holy grail plugs; pretty, expensive, and not entirely practical, we’re kindred spirits. I love them, and if I had the cash I’d buy one for who everyone who asked.

The medium feels more balanced than the small – with four inches of girth and three inches of length, the stem doesn’t feel weirdly short, the base is bigger, and the weight of the steel version does fun stuff to my g-spot in certain positions. It just fits. It feels right, and the smooth surface slides in easily than you’d expect it to – the lack of give is something to consider, but I prefer metal plugs to silicone at this point. I like the large size better for wearing during penetration too, but unfortunately for those with plush booties it’s worth bearing in mind that the larger circular bases have a tendency to dig in, especially if you intend on keeping them in for longer periods of time. For extended wear I’d take a look at the large II, which has a t-bar base with a small gemstone or crystal embedded into it.

Verdict? Fantastic all-rounder, although the circular bases aren’t really suitable for long-term wear. Requires more warm up than the small.


xl1The XL Rosebuds plug is large and in charge, chunky yet funky. It requires more warm-up than I’d like, but at five inches in girth that’s to be expected and the aluminium is far easier to deal with than a silicone plug of a similar size would be – I’ve gone off silicone butt toys recently and I think being spoiled by steel and aluminium is the reason why. Perhaps I should try glass? The base isn’t great for extended wear as it’s much wider than the one on the large, although most of the pleasure for me comes from lying with my hips in the air with it in; it somehow feels good without actually having to do anything with it. Witchcraft!

Removal is a little awkward. I love the lollipop-esque shape but taking it requires almost as much work as putting it in – go slowly, don’t rush. With the small it kind of ‘pops’ out but this one’s a bit of a process, and like with all larger toys, I’ve found that an oil-based lube works better for me than a water-based.

Verdict? I’m hesitant to label this as only for people who like larger butt gear as it’s surprisingly manageable, but I don’t think I’d recommend it to people who haven’t tried metal toys before. Almost perfect.

As far as steel vs aluminium goes, I don’t outright prefer one metal over the other although if you forced me to pick I’d probably choose steel; the aluminium plugs are cheaper, lighter, and more responsive to temperature changes, but I like the extra weight, the steel ones do fun things to my g-spot, and there’s more variety with the beautiful/ridiculous luxe line. And the XXL line. And the t-bar line.

roundsnakeEssentially, there’s more choice in the steel line and that means more pretty things for me to pine over –  the luxe line even boasts an XXL size with hidden secret compartment for hiding your emergency weed/cash/snacks in which is basically everything I never knew I wanted. It’s also 349€, but the butt wants what it wants.

Wondering where I recommend buying a princess plug? You can snag yourself a Julian Snelling Rosebud plug at Lovehoney. I got my medium steel and medium aluminium plugs from them!

* I would just like to take this moment to remind you that only god can judge me.


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  2. Reenie 05/12/2014

    So many plugs! So much want! What to do! Those little crystal at the end are so cute! I’m really thinking of getting a small but..erg…my wallet does not want to agree with me. At all. One question though! Thee 3″ width, is that diameter or circumference?

    • A C 05/12/2014

      They’re so lovely, and it’s circumference! I don’t ever refer to the diameter of things unless it’s in relation to o-rings because I have no idea how it works, over here we don’t really measure like that haha.

  3. S 07/03/2015

    I’m so glad I stumbled onto your site when I was searching for reviews! Love your reviews! The Rosebuds are all so pretty! I’m new to this. I know you mentioned that you would recommend the large over the small if debating between size. Would you still recommend the large if I’m new to this? Also how does the small and large Rosebuds compare to the nJoy medium plug? Thanks!

    • A C 08/03/2015

      Yay, I’m glad you found it useful :~)

      Yeah, I’d still recommend the large – the small is adorable but it’s sooo tiny that I’d only recommend it if you’re super, super nervous about butt stuff or are totally sure you won’t want to go bigger in the future. It’s only just as wide as my thumb! The large Rosebud is around the same size as the medium njoy, and the small is much tinier – I just posted a few pictures on my tumblr if you want to take a look there: http://apricotcreams.tumblr.com/post/113055462201/someone-in-my-comments-section-wanted-to-know-how

      • S 10/03/2015

        The photos are perfect! Thanks so much for snapping the comparison photo. Helps so much! I’m excited!! I think I have my heart set on the rosebuds large…it just looks so pretty!

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