Mini review – Tantus Clover

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I’m a sucker for pretty things, and that’s basically the entire reason I asked to review the Clover when the superheroes at Tantus got in contact with me. I honestly am working on it, I truly swear that I’m trying really hard to give the things I don’t find that aesthetically pleasing a chance, but my god did it pay off this time. It straight up looks like opalite with glitter threaded through it, that glossy, pastel glass that fades from blue to pink to green and back again when you tilt it – you know those glowy translucent eggs you get in literally every museum shop ever? Those. I about fell over when I took it out of the packaging.

If translucent glittery silicone wasn’t cute enough already, it’s positively pocket sized – the entire thing’s 6 inches long, 4 inches around at the widest point(s), and 3 inches around the rest of it. I don’t have enough smaller toys that aren’t glass, so this was ideal already.

The Clover’s delightfully soft and bendy – almost jellylike, actually, but without the barbie-had-a-bath-in-petrol smell and general grossness that usually comes with jelly toys. The vibrator slot carved out in the base means that the bottom half of it is significantly squishier than the top half; I haven’t noticed any weird differences or anything, but if it bothers you for whatever reason you can just stick your finger (flick away to your heart’s content) or a bullet vibe in there. Speaking of bullet vibes, the one that came with this didn’t work so I just switched it out with my We-Vibe Tango. I don’t think I’m missing out on much.

Using it feels easy – the silicone’s shiny but not grippy and the small size means that I don’t need a river of lube like I usually do. I was expecting the mushroom-y tip to feel weird, like it’d deliver a really intense popping sensation, but for whatever reason it doesn’t. I’m glad about that because I can’t stand that popping thing but I know other people go nuts for it; instead it’s just gentle and floaty and nice and I utilise that flicking method I mentioned above for fucking good orgasms without any lube divining or wrist cramp. I even managed to dislodge both false eyelashes* while using it with the Mystic Wand, which is the mark of an excellent orgasm in my books.

The Clover probably isn’t for you if you like a lot of girth or firm pressure, but if you like your toys on the smaller, softer side or you’re just a sucker for a pretty dick, you can get yourself a Clover directly from Tantus!

If you’re reading this and they’re all out of stock, the Sport has a sorta similar shape and the O2/Pack & Play lines have a nice squidgy feel.

* I’ll admit that they’d been stuck on for entirely too long that day but a win’s a win or something

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