Mini reviews – Tantus Gary O2 & Nobessence Romp

dimensions – 7 inches long x 4.70 inches in circumference

Despite having had this thing in my possession for what, a year? I still don’t have much to say about the Gary; not because it’s bad or mediocre or anything, not at all! It’s a good dildo, and it gets the job done, and that’s that. It’s hyper-realistic, with impressively defined folds and even a delicate little urethra etched into the soft, dual density silicone, and the base is wide enough that I feel happy recommending it for anal.

The Gary’s not a dildo I use on myself all that often. It’s longer than I usually go for, and not particularly g-spotty: when I fuck myself, the goal’s (usually) to get off as quickly as possible, and realistic dildos like this one just aren’t what I typically reach for. For strapping on, though, it’s near perfect – it doesn’t droop, the extra length makes it better for positions like reverse cowgirl or spooning, and the blunted tip and texture just feel better, somehow – building up and up and up, a sensation I don’t get when I do it myself.

While it’s not reallllly fair to compare them, I like the Gary almost as much as I like my beloved Pack & Play 02. I say ‘almost’ because the additional length, blunted tip and texture make it harder to handle and a more involved, rougher self fuck – it’s not as blissfully mallow-like and easy as the Pack n Play. But y’know – despite being sleepy and slothlike and a creature of habit, I don’t always want easy.

Where to buy – Tantus | Shevibe (best for intl. folks)

dimensions – 3 and a half inches long (insertable) x 4.70 inches around at the widest point

I bought the Nobessence Romp with my own cash after realising that no retailer on earth was going to send me, a lowly hobbyist with minimal SEO reach and a backlog longer than my arm, something this expensive and this…rarified? to review. This is what people mean when they talk about certain sex toys being ‘investment pieces’ or whatever; it’s a well designed, beautifully crafted piece that’s gonna last you foooorreeeverrrrrr (unless your pet finds it and chews it up, I suppose).

The Nobessence Romp’s shape is sleek and smooth and curved and comfortable. It’s not something I need to work at inserting or something that needs significant warm up (I hate warming up for toys, fyi, it’s suuuuch a waste of time) – a thicker lube and clever fingers and it’s there, pressing against my insides. This, in my opinion, is exactly what a good buttplug should feel like; not invasive, but conforming and fitting perfectly to my body. When I walk or stretch or bend over with it in, everything’s enhanced. Heightened. It is EXCELLENT. It even works as a vag plug too, but not quite as well as my Papillon – I think it’s because it’s less bulbous, so the pressure against my g-spot’s reduced.

While I’d like it even more if it were a bit thicker, the Romp’s now something I regularly reach for. It’s a fucking good toy and I’m kind of amazed that I went so long – me, a buttplug advocate – without one. Sometimes with expensive toys I feel a twinge of regret (all the shit I could’ve bought with that, gnawing guilt in the back of my head) but with this one? Nah. Not a chance in hell.

Where to buy – Shevibe | Good Vibes | Nobessence

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