Bondage Boutique Clear PVC Ball Gag review

I purchased this gag from Lovehoney, along with the matching clear PVC cuffs that I reviewed recently.


I’ve never really been into ballgags, I prefer using O-ring gags or a nice bit gag or even a makeshift gag made out of a strip of silk or a tie with knots in the middle. I have a slightly irrational fear of having my teeth pulled out or moved around, brought on by a freak childhood accident where I fell flat on my face and knocked one of my (baby teeth, thankfully) front teeth out. Nothing’s quite as character building as being nicknamed ‘gappy’ by your classmates until the new one grew in. Anyway. Having a hard rubber ball strapped into my mouth behind my teeth isn’t exactly the most appealing idea in the world to me, thanks to that, but I decided to try one out for size. Please bear in mind that due to this I’m pretty much a total beginner to ballgags – I’ve worn them a few times in the past but only for about half an hour each time.

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Bondage Boutique Clear PVC Wrist Cuffs review

I saw these on Lovehoney a couple of months ago and basically started drooling right there on the spot. I’m not kidding. I’m really picky about my bondage equipment – I prefer rope over anything but it takes a while to set up, I don’t usually like black or black x hot pink or black x red or any of those old tired colour combinations,  I don’t like anything with a velcro fastening, brown leather’s nice but hard to get hold of, and I dream of having a full set of solid stainless steel restraints and a collar but I just don’t have the money for it. I’d seen clear pvc cuffs and collars before but they were a bit out of my budget, so when these came up on my screen I just about ascended to the heavens right there. Take my money!

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Review – that one Sailor Moon dildo/Crystal Heart wavy glass dildo

heartI bought the Crystal Heart wavy glass dildo (nice name, guys, really original) from Lovehoney after having lusted after it for nearly a year, and it arrived as usual, well packed in discreet brown cardboard packaging. It comes in a slim box with an image of the dildo itself on the outside. After opening it, I found that instead of the usual storage bag it comes in a little display case! I initially thought this case was made of frosted glass due to the thickness and feel of it, but much to my surprise, it’s plastic. This is a cute touch but I still wish they’d included a storage bag, I don’t really understand why they don’t come as default.

The dildo itself has a shaft with three bulbs that start off small and elongated and get progressively rounder and fatter. The tip is tapered, and it has a flattened base with the pink glass heart sculpted on top of it, which enables it to be safely used for anal play. It’s a gorgeous piece – it looks like some kind of magic wand (the fictional fairy princess kind, not the mains-powered kind), or a bizarre lollipop, or maybe an x-rated Sailor Moon accessory? It’s probably the least intimidating sex toy I’ve ever seen, despite being made of a thick glass.

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