Review – Lelo Siri 2


The Siri 2 is hereeee! I got mine way back in January and about, er, two? choppy paragraphs praising it have been languishing in my drafts ever since with not very much progress being made. I always find it inordinately difficult to write about stuff I actually just plain like; I’m happiest writing clumsy sonnets for buttplugs.

The Siri 2 is an upgrade from Lelo’s old Siri; the new version is smaller and sleeker (thanks Bex for the size comparison!), “100% more powerful than the original”, waterproofed, and sadly doesn’t come in the lovely bright red of the original; just purple, pink, and black this time round. Oh yeah, and it has a sound responsive mode. Get off while you get down? I – I don’t know.

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Size comparison – medium njoy pure plug vs Rosebud princess plugs



I’ve already posted these on all my social media bits so it seemed right to post it here too; someone in my comments section wanted a comparison of the medium njoy pure plug and the small and large Julian Snelling Rosebuds, so I snapped these!

Size breakdown –

Medium njoy pure plug – 4 inches in circumference at the widest point and 1.7 inches long, curved stem measures 1.5 inches long and is 1 inch in circumference at the thickest part (at the top). Base is 2.5 inches long.

Large JS Rosebud plug – 4 inches in circumference at the widest point and 2 inches long, straight stem measures just under 1 inch in both length and circumference. Base is just over an inch across.

Small JS Rosebud – 3 inches in circumference at the widest point and 1.5 inches long, straight stem measures 0.8 inches long and is too slim to accurately measure around but I got 0.8 inches. Base is an inch across.

If long term wear is your jam then I’d opt for the njoy pure plug, and if it’s a strictly masturbation/sex only plug you’re lookin’ for I’d go for the large Julian Snelling Rosebud plug. The bases on the Rosebuds are beautiful but they aren’t super comfortable, and as I detailed in my princess plug size guide, the small is so tiny (and adorable!) that I’d only recommend it to absolute butt beginners who know they’re not going to want to size up in future. I would also advise against rough penetrative sex with the small plug because the base has a gradual curve going on that the other sizes don’t, and I’ve read one too many reviews where it’s slipped inside someone.

You can snag yourself an njoy pure plug from Desires of The I-D, ShevibeLovehoney UK or Lovehoney US, and a Rosebuds by Julian Snelling princess plug either from Lovehoney or directly from Rosebuds.

Review – njoy pure plug (medium)

njoyStainless steel toys are a funny thing. For the longest time I had this image of them as impossible to conquer, something to only attempt if you’re Someone Who Knows What They’re Doing, firm and unforgiving and almost always prohibitively expensive. I should just stick to silicone, I thought. Silicone’s safe. Silicone’s familiar. I know where I stand with silicone.

In case you’re still under that impression, it’s a crock of shite. Stainless steel is now my favourite medium for butt stuff, and my other toys are relegated to serf status compared to the slavish devotion my metal plugs are treated to. Only the best padded bags and display cases for you, my liege!

The njoy pure plug (medium!) is no exception, and it’s taken pride of place next to my bed since the day it arrived. It’s not as flashy as some of my other plugs but it’s strangely beautiful, looking like a glob of molten solder with that impossible to photograph mirror shine and weirdly sexy organic shape. I think it’s sexy, anyway; I showed it to a friend and she said it looked like a ‘fat sperm or a keyring’ but clearly she’s just not as aesthetically evolved as I am.

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Review – We-Vibe Touch (updated version)


I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned the glory that is the We-Vibe Touch in nearly every post I’ve written and normally I’d apologise for this blatant vibrator propaganda but in this case – nope, I’m not going to. The Touch is one of the greatest things I have ever put on my clitoris. It’s my Best I Ever Had, it’s my comfort blanket, it’s what I turn to when nothing else works. I’m so deeply enamoured with it that I’m debating getting it tattooed, or maybe making a tiny twin pair out of clay and attaching them to cufflinks.

I love this weird purple potato.

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Review – Lelo Ina Wave


I’ve wanted an Ina 2 for YEARS. Rabbits aren’t usually my thing; there’s so many of them out there that it’s difficult to know where to start, they’ll inevitably die one day and I go off internal toys for months at a time so I’m reluctant to invest in them to begin with. But the Ina 2 leapt out at me whenever I’d do my routine sex shop trawl – I like a lot of pressure, jamming external vibes against my cunt with all the force of Mjölnir into the ground, so that clampy crab arm bodes very, very well for me. The fact that it comes in apple green and tangerine doesn’t hurt either.


The Ina Wave is kind of like the Ina 2’s cousin – I want to say ‘the new and improved version’ but I don’t have an Ina 2 so I can’t, and that’s a hacky thing to say anyway. It does everything the 2 does except this time it curls the shaft back and forth in a robotic ‘come hither’ motion, and the copy promises that it ‘Rises & Falls Like An Expert Lovers Fingers’ and will create a blended climax that ‘crashes over you’. Hm.

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