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My first phallic dildo was a purchase I instantly regretted: a gelatinous, luminescent purple jelly monstrosity with an unforgiving rock hard surface and a frighteningly sculpted set of veins. Before that, I owned an original Lelo Gigi (which still works!) and a selection of garden variety pastel classic vibrators – an oversize strawberry ice cream pink one with ridges, a demure looking lilac thing that made so much noise that I was only able to use it maybe three times before returning it, and a curvy white and mint plastic vibrator that managed to be the wrong shape for basically everything. I seriously wish someone had just told me to buy an alex.

The Alex by bs atelier is 6 inches of gently curved silicone with a slim shaft measuring 3.5 inches around the base, widening to 4 and a half inches at the lovely bean-shaped tip. Bs’ silicone is one of my favourites: soft and supple, it has a satin-y finish, glides freely and can be squished and bent while still keeping that keen upward curve. It’s also available in a variety of vibrant colours, mine being the terracotta orange variant but also coming in paint splatter and heart print (heart eyes forevaaaaaaah).

As beautifully sculpted as the alex is, performance is the really important thing here and I’m pleased to say that the alex is almost ideal for my fussy vag. The slim girth and sleek finish mean that a little lube goes a long, long way and the small base is easily wedged between two fingers, raptor claw style, which lets me angle it upwards using my whole palm and also leaves enough room for me to clamp down my external vibe of choice. Your mileage may vary – I often find other dildos to be way too long and find the demure proportions of the alex refreshing in that I can jam the whole thing up in there if I’m so inclined, but if deeper penetration’s your thing or if you need extra length for accessibility reasons then I don’t think it’ll work quite as well as it does for me.


The tip of the alex doesn’t really work for firm continuous g-spotty pressure – it’s more of a gentle back-and-forth grazing type deal, which I looove, and find that this works out really well for using during dreamy strap-on fucking. The only caveat here is that the small base is perhaps a little too small and it’s slipped out from my o-rings a couple of times – I think It could benefit from being a few mm bigger or even refined to a teardrop shape for optimal harnessing, but I guess on the plus side this means that I don’t get that brused pubic bone thing that’s all too common with chunkier bases.

In my eyes (and orifices) the Alex is truly the perfect dildo: not so small that it’s ineffectual but not so large that it requires arduous warmup, made from luscious body-safe silicone, flexible without being floppy, harness compatible and well shaped without looking like a HyperRealMegaCock v 2.0. I’ve recommended it to people looking for softer silicones without the budget for Vixskin, for people repulsed by irl dicks but wanting a nice strap on cock, people searching for gentle g-spotters, people needing a goldilocks dildo – not too big, not too small, just right.

The angels over at bs atelier/bs is nice sent me the bs alex in exchange for my honest review! You can buy your own (and I would highly recommend doing so) directly from their lovely shop, or from Shevibe.

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