Review – Fun Factory Laya II

Fun Factory Laya II

I always liked the design of the original Fun Factory Layaspot. It was the cutest of clit vibes – small, curvy, and coming in a wide selection of adorable colours, it stayed on my wishlist for an impressively long time, but I never actually heard anything particularly good about it. “The shape’s decent, I guess. The vibrations are okay, I guess”. I didn’t ever get around to buying one, and eventually it started to disappear from retailer’s websites, seeming to be quietly discontinued. There was little fanfare.

Fun Factory brought it back from the dead a few months ago – revamped, refreshed and renamed the Laya II, it now boasts a sleek new black on black colour scheme, a rechargeable battery and apparently, more power. I remember unwrapping the review package that Fun Factory sent me, feeling a crackle of excitement in my stomach – this is iiiiiit, this is all I’m ever gonna need, this is what I’ve wanted for ssssso long.


Each and every single one of the vibration settings on the Laya II is underwhelming at best. Intolerably buzzy on the higher speeds, the gentlest, wispiest purring on the lowest. Mid-range isn’t even worth bothering with, and the patterns feel like two or three booted woodlice traipsing across my vulva. I don’t know why it doesn’t have the same kind of motor nestled inside in their G5 range – this is piss poor, whiny, dull.

Unlike the vibrations, the curved, comma-like shape works very well for me, which is partly why I’m so disappointed – it nestles easily between my labia, and I’m able to adjust the faint pressure on my clit by clenching my thighs or rolling over onto my side or stomach. I imagined it as an improved Ruby Glow, thinking about how good it’d be for every red-cheeked smut lover sitting cross legged and fidgety.

I don’t get it. The toys that Fun Factory have been churning out lately have been uniformly good to great – the Bück Dich, a thick silicone paddle with a heavily ribbed dildo doubling as a handle, is a perfect example of the toys I’ve come to expect from them, tongue in cheek while managing to do their job well. I’ve talked about the Tiger G5. They’re coming out with a menstrual cup! The Laya II is a profound letdown, and I can’t recommend it.

Many thanks to Fun Factory for sending me this wee gadget in exchange for my review.

You can buy your own Fun Factory Laya II direct from Fun Factory, or from Shevibe.

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