Review – Fun Factory Tiger G5

Fun Factory Tiger G5

I like Fun Factory a lot. I’m never going to call myself a fan of any big business, but if I had to, really really had to, then Fun Factory’d be on that list purely by virtue of their design; they nearly always have these interesting, organic shapes that I rarely see elsewhere, great charging systems and excellent controls (also, pretty colours).

The Fun Factory Tiger is an older design that’s been upgraded by the new G5 motor; with pronounced ribs along the shaft and a curved head sporting what looks like a monstrous foreskin, it resembles a neon, stripped down H.R Giger fragment. It also has this irritatingly non-committal curly nub at the base – am I a rabbit? Am I a garden variety internal vibrator? I’ll never tell! 

In addition to looking like something you’d find attached to a very big and very friendly creature out in deep space, the Tiger G5’s on the thicker side – I measured 4.7 inches of girth, 5 inches around the head/foreskin/thing, and 6 inches of insertable length. It doesn’t sound much bigger than usual, but Fun Factory’s silicone has this infamously draggy texture that feels bigger than it really is; think acrylic paint and very fine sand, but less risky on the internal abrasions front. It doesn’t stop me from enjoying it, but it’s not something I can just jam inside myself on a whim. Shame, because this big teal sucker’s otherwise knocked the Ina Wave right off the top of my favourite vibrators list.

Fun Factory Tiger G5 controlsI never tried any of the G4 series, but if they were powerful then these are downright biblical in their intensity; the lowest speed is a soft, uneven rumble and speeds 2 – 4 are my good place, feeling like a low purr resonating through my entire pelvis with pronounced tip allowing me to tilt those riiiiight at my g-spot. The ridges pull and roll in the best way and while the higher, buzzier speeds aren’t my thing to start off with, I can use the lovely clicky clacky buttons to switch over to them when I’m about to come and it’s fucking great, yelp-inducing stuff – sometimes too much, which is why I’m grateful for the dedicated kill switch. I also like how squishy it is; the motor ends halfway up the shaft, so you’ve got three solid inches of soft, ribbed silicone until you get to that beneath-the-skin mechanical firmness.

I’ve mentioned a hundred times before how patterns aren’t my thing, but the Tiger G5 has me switching to them voluntarily and it comes with just the one caveat: a bathtub. The vibrations get dulled a little by the water, and it makes the somewhat erratic patterns much more bearable – there’s this one pattern that feels a bit like a thunderstorm or something that I want to wantonly waste water for again and again and again. Mermaid magic, I swear.

Fun Factory Tiger G5 handleI mentioned the weird non-committal nub earlier and I’ll retract my one disparaging sentence on it for a second because it turns out it does actually work for me, resting right under my clit and making my eyes roll back in my head. It’s a sweaty, summertime miracle…aaand totally dependent on your individual anatomy. I absolutely would not list this as a basis to buy one of these glorious vibrating silidicks on; get one for the texture and how well it performs underwater and the strength of vibration, not because this .5 inch long bit of silicone JUST MIGHT hit your clit/perineum/wherever.

The only complaint I have about the Tiger G5 is an old one, one I’ve applied to every Fun Factory toy I’ve ever owned – it’s the silicone. It’s the dragginess, and the level of dust it attracts; usually I edit out any rogue dust in my pictures but I didn’t bother here because it seemed dishonest. Like, this thing attracts so much fucking fur that I started wondering if we’d acquired a new cat and I just hadn’t noticed. If the idea of giving your vibrator a quick once over with hot water before wanking your brains out revolts you then the Tiger G5 probably isn’t an ideal purchase. That’s it, though. Honest to god.

The nice folks at Fun Factory sent me the Tiger G5! You can pick your own up from one of the retailers below –

Lovehoney (UK, intl) | Lovehoney US (US) | Shevibe (US, intl) direct from Fun Factory (EU)

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