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For a good few months now I’ve been fretting about travelling with sex toys. Criteria – I’m only taking hand luggage so it can’t be too big, it can’t be easily mistaken for a weapon (wahhh, sorry pure wand!), and ideally I want it to do EVERYTHING because I don’t want to take more than two smallish ones, except, uh, I like very few toys that try to do everything. My smart wand’s too big and expensive, my ina wave’s too finicky and expensive, my we-vibe touch doesn’t have a travel lock and like, I love tantus to death but a real, proper, actual dildo that looks like a dick isn’t something I want to take through an airport in my bag. I’m an anxious person and I’d just rather not.

Enter the Papillon by Idée du Désir, or one of my chosen travel companions: a glorious, curvy swervy chunk of wood containing a freewheeling steel ball. It’s been designed for simultaneous internal and external stimulation and I guess there’s nothing stopping you from using it as a butt toy, either, but we’ll get to that later.

The Papillon comes in two sizes, but neither of these apply to the insertable portion, which measures a hair under five inches in girth for either size option  – instead, you get to choose how long the handle/external stimulator is. This is pretty great and everything except that they come in s & m, the small being 2 inches long (and apparently for people under 1.7 m) and the medium 2.5 inches long, for people above 1.7m*. I mean. Okay. Like, I’ve seen a lot of vaginas and I realllllly don’t think there’s any correlation to vagina size/shape/proportion and to how long the rest of someone’s body is. Anyway, you can’t not choose so I went for the medium – not because it corresponds with my height, but because I’d rather have something overshoot my clit slightly than sit under it.

This is my first wooden toy and I’d be lying if I said I knew what to expect; I’ve heard wood compared to glass but honestly? I’m not getting the similarity at all. The wood on the Papillon is slick with glaze but has a subtle, underlying texture to it and it’s much lighter, warmer, gentler feeling than glass. The lack of weight combined with the tapering towards the base is a funny thing: the Papillon is by no means small, but as it’s not remotely heavy it feels like…nothing I’ve ever experienced. I can feel it pushing up broadly against my g-spot, shifting slightly, there’s that sensation of being full and it fitting very well to the point of being almost overwhelming, but no thick, clunky heaviness.

The internal bit’s great and everything, but the handle is what made this a standout, I-never-wanna-be-away-from-you league toy – it actually fits! The longer arm overshoots my clit only slightly, but I can hold it in place with a finger and the shorter arm nuzzles riiiiiight up against my butthole. I promise I’ll never use this phrase ever again, but it’s a profoundly erotic experience. It has me whimpering within like, minutes; I begged “please please please” to no-one the first time I used it and promptly came so hard that I left a wet patch that soaked right through to the mattress.


yes that IS totally my kinky monkey harness in there, thanks for noticing

I’m able to feel the steel bead on the inside much more than I thought I’d be able to; most kegel balls I’ve tried have been sort of underwhelming but this, it feels like the ones inside the Fun Factory B-Balls but better and on a larger scale, rolling every time I stretch or raise my hips or clench, and if I make a sudden movement – leaning over or across – it falls against the other side of the Papillon with a funny sort of tapping sensation. Sometimes I get the same thing when someone’s fingers are inside me and it’s like they’re knocking on a tiny hollow somewhere in my pelvis. It’s very, very good, and even better if I jam a wand vibrator against the base. I want to say it’s like popcorn popping, but that’s not exactly the nicest mental image, so…

OH, and butt stuff: despite the Papillon looking like it’d make an absolutely perfect butt plug (the shape! the size! the wiggly wobbly steel bead!), I still haven’t put it in my butt yet and do you know why? I am scared. I know I’m being ridiculous and that realistically, this thing is beautifully well-made, sturdy, strong – I’ve trodden on it twice, it’s fallen from my bed onto hard floor multiple times, I’m not very careful with my toys and I’m sure that if it were at all breakable I’d know by now.  But I still have these recurring visions of the neck split open, a rush to A&E with splinters in my butthole. I don’t know what to dooooo!

The Papillon is probably not the best choice for impatient masturbators, although up until a couple of months ago I was one of those – no time for multiple toys, no time for warm up, I just wanna come and I want it now, thanks. It’s an expensive, luxurious treat. It’s something to be savoured, like a particularly pretty mignardise or a loooong afternoon bath on your first day off in a full week. I hope we’re never apart.

I’d like to say thankyou to Idée du Désir for sending me the Papillon in exchange for my review! You can buy your own from either their french website or their english language one – the Papillon retails for around $140-145 depending on which colour you pick, or 120€.

* the strange height reference thing only features on the french website; if you buy from the english one it just lists the actual handle measurement.


  1. James P. 14/08/2015

    Looks a bit like brass knuckles, not something butt-friendly…Yea wood is catching on, especially on Etsy and the independent woodshops have plenty of websites.

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