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Ina Wave

I’ve wanted an Ina 2 for YEARS. Rabbits aren’t usually my thing; there’s so many of them out there that it’s difficult to know where to start, they’ll inevitably die one day and I go off internal toys for months at a time so I’m reluctant to invest in them to begin with. But the Ina 2 leapt out at me whenever I’d do my routine sex shop trawl – I like a lot of pressure, jamming external vibes against my cunt with all the force of Mjölnir into the ground, so that clampy crab arm bodes very, very well for me. The fact that it comes in apple green and tangerine doesn’t hurt either.


The Ina Wave is kind of like the Ina 2’s cousin – I want to say ‘the new and improved version’ but I don’t have an Ina 2 so I can’t, and that’s a hacky thing to say anyway. It does everything the 2 does except this time it curls the shaft back and forth in a robotic ‘come hither’ motion, and the copy promises that it ‘Rises & Falls Like An Expert Lovers Fingers’ and will create a blended climax that ‘crashes over you’. Hm.

In addition to the new wave mode, things have been switched up and around a bit – the handle’s been redone, now coated in silicone instead of ABS plastic, which I don’t really mind – it’s harder to take pictures of now but it’s easier to clean, I think, and comes with a dedicated kill switch (THANK GOD), a round indentation in the middle of the other ^ ˅ – + buttons that control the strength and vibration settings.

Other changes aren’t as positive, unfortunately – the vibrations are still strong but buzzy, buzzier than I remember my Mona 2 being. It’s reasonably quiet on the constant vibration settings but turning the the wave function on causes it to emit a strange wheedling noise like that of an electric tin opener.

The wave function itself is…okay. I do respect what Lelo have done with it in the sense that it’s an achievement and yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing this kind of movement become more refined over time*, harder, better, faster, stronger, but at the minute it’s not that impressive. If you like more intense g-spot stimulation or you’re looking for something that’s comparable to getting thoroughly fingerbanged (the Rockbox finger tried to do this and failed horribly) then I’d avoid the wave line because right now it’s a bit like being screwed with two fingers verrrry gently.

And now I’m pretty sure I’m going be accused of being a hypocrite because despite the horrible 8-bit whalesong sound and the painfully gentle to-ing and fro-ing of the shaft and the buzzy vibrations, I actually really like it.

Lelo Ina WaveIna Wave controls

Things get lubey and slippy slidey and all too often the external portion of the Ina Wave slips off my clit and rests to the side of it, the wave motion is agonisingly slow and loud and sometimes I wonder if my vag muscles are providing resistance because surely I should be able to feel more than this ever-so-soft stroke, the whole experience is less than ideal but…I sorta don’t care? The orgasms I get from the Ina Wave pepper my collarbones with a strawberry red flush and leave the backs of my knees slick with sweat, they feel so fucking good I could scream. There are slightly less stars when I don’t use the wave modes, but it’s all glittery and cosmic nonetheless.

Is the Ina Wave worth ~£120? I don’t know – I have mixed feelings, it confuses my cunt and besides, I’m pretty much against the idea of any sex toy being priced that high. It makes an awful noise, like, it really is bad, and the wave motion’s underwhelming, and it gets stuck inside me a lot of the time, although this happens with other toys too so that’s probably more of a me issue than anything else. But it gives me fucking fantastic orgasms despite those things, and the only thing I need to make them any better is a good pair of earplugs.

Lelo kindly sent me the Ina Wave in exchange for a review! You can snag yourself one from the following retailers –

Direct from Lelo (intl) | Shevibe (US-based, intl) | Lovehoney (UK-based, intl) | Desires of the I.D (UK & EU)

* I have no experience with prostate stuff but does anyone else think this’d work really well for that?


  1. SillyHead 08/02/2015

    The clit arm seems like it might be in the way for prostate stimulation?

    • A C 08/02/2015

      It’s pretty flexy so I was thinking maybe perineum stimulation? But I can see it getting pokey.


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