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The Lelo Siri 2 is hereeee! I got mine way back in January and about, er, two? choppy paragraphs praising it have been languishing in my drafts ever since with not very much progress being made. I always find it inordinately difficult to write about stuff I actually just plain like; I’m happiest writing clumsy sonnets for buttplugs.

The Siri 2 is an upgrade from Lelo’s old Siri; the new version is smaller and sleeker, “100% more powerful than the original”, waterproofed, and sadly doesn’t come in the lovely bright red of the original; just purple, pink, and black this time round. Oh yeah, and it has a sound responsive mode. Get off while you get down? I – I don’t know.

I’m going to get the worst part over with: the sound responsive mode was a total bust for me. When I first heard about it I was all ‘whuuu?’ and now I’ve seen how it actually works I’m – no, I’m still all ‘whuuu?’ about it. I don’t know if I got a faulty one or not but it’s feeble beyond words – I played it a bunch of stuff and it’d beep-boop in a vague imitation of the louder bits then abruptly stop. I even tried talking to it and it completely ignored me, but I can’t say I didn’t see that one coming. I don’t think I can even recommend this feature to people who do genuinely love patterns because it was just so lacklustre. Just stick to the music-themed patterns that are already on there; they don’t feel like anything special but at least they don’t make me grimace.

Weird robot singalongs aside though, the Siri 2 really is a fantastic little vibrator and I finally understand all the hype around the first one. Given how small it is, the vibrations are impressively powerful and err more on the rumbly side than the buzzy while still being reasonably quiet – on the highest levels the Siri 2 sounds a bit like my computer fan when it’s overexerting itself, and you definitely can’t hear it through a wall.

Sometimes I feel like silicone-coated vibrators are a bad idea in general and we should all just accept defeat and stick to ABS plastic to avoid that horrible buried vibrations feeling, that thing where you’re not sure you’re quite getting all it’s giving and you end up applying an uncomfortable amount of pressure, but the silicone on the Siri 2 is so thin that you get all of that lovely rumbly goodness to yourself. The gently curved shape of the Siri 2 is just about perfect for me and provides that broad stimulation that I love, but if you prefer a smaller surface area then the very tip and sides are useful too.

siri11b    siriback2

Another thing I really liked about the Lelo Siri 2 is how easy it is to use. I have no patience for larger external vibes – I just think they’re awkward – and the Siri 2 is small enough that it fits neatly into my hand while still having space for BUTTONS. None of this ‘click through every mode to turn off!’ nonsense (sorry We-Vibe), you get two buttons for amping up or lowering the power and another two for cycling through the modes, and to turn it off you just hold down the minus button. It even has a travel lock function! The only downside to the Siri 2 being perfectly palm-sized is that the vibrations travel ever so slightly into my hand; while I personally don’t mind this, it could be an issue for some.

I don’t want to sing I Will Always Love You to the Siri 2 or anything – it’d butcher it anyway – but it’s a pretty sweet plaything and I don’t see it being retired to the drawer under the bed any time soon; the vibrations are nothing to turn your nose up at, it’s discreet enough for those living in shared housing and the black and white version looks like a tiny stylised orca. It’s a great little no-frills vibe – as long as you ignore the music mode.

The nice people over at Lelo sent me the Lelo Siri 2 to review! You can snag your own directly from Lelo (they ship internationally!) or from these other retailers –

Lovehoney UK (UK-based, intl) | Lovehoney US (US) | Shevibe (US-based, intl) |

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