Review – njoy pure plug (medium)

njoyStainless steel toys (specifically, njoy toys) are a funny thing. For the longest time I had this image of them as impossible to conquer, something to only attempt if you’re Someone Who Knows What They’re Doing, firm and unforgiving and almost always prohibitively expensive. I should just stick to silicone, I thought. Silicone’s safe. Silicone’s familiar. I know where I stand with silicone.

In case you’re still under that impression, it’s a crock of shite. Stainless steel is now my favourite medium for butt stuff, and my other toys are relegated to serf status compared to the slavish devotion my metal plugs are treated to. Only the best padded bags and display cases for you, my liege!

The njoy pure plug (medium!) is no exception, and it’s taken pride of place next to my bed since the day it arrived. It’s not as flashy as some of my other plugs but it’s strangely beautiful, looking like a glob of molten solder with that impossible to photograph mirror shine and weirdly sexy organic shape. I think it’s sexy, anyway; I showed it to a friend and she said it looked like a ‘a keyring’ but clearly she’s just not as aesthetically evolved as I am.

I’ll get right to it: the medium njoy pure plug is not the plug to buy if you like feeling stretched or filled. However, it is most definitely the plug to buy if you want something you can pop in at a moment’s notice and forget about. It’s the laziest buttplug I’ve ever used, and I mean that in the best way possible.

As it’s only 4 inches around at the widest point with an itty bitty skinny neck, I can get away with using a dab of Yes oil-based lube, a gentle thumb, and not much else. The first time I wore it I forgot I had put it in after 2 hours or so and flew into a panic before realising that it was nice and safe and secure inside me. I’m not sure if this is evidence of how comfortable it is or just evidence that I’m a massive idiot, but it’s probably a bit of both. I’ve worn it to work, for general lounging around, on a long walk, to the library; it’s so comfy that it seems like a shame to not use it, you know? It’s not something that actively turns me on, but every so often I’ll shift and become aware of it and it’s like, oh. Oh. Yes please.

njoyfun njoypack

The looped base is pretty genius and something that I wish every butt toy had. It’s thin enough that it can sit snugly between your cheeks, totally unobtrusive, and it’s long enough to be secure but not so long that it blocks my vag. You can even clip a tail onto it, if that’s your thing! I did have one reservation, however: I was completely terrified that whenever I sat down on a hard surface it’d give off a metallic clanging noise and let the world know that I had 200 grams of stainless steel hanging out in my butt.

Thankfully, I was proven wrong. I went and sat on no less than seven different hard surfaces with this in and it didn’t clang, scrape, or chime once. I have a total pancake butt and if that beautiful base was going to make anyone’s arse sound like an old-school clock robot it should’ve been mine, but it didn’t. Thank god. I don’t handle public humiliation very well.

I’m not sure that I’m getting my point across adequately in this review. This beautiful piece of steel – I sort of want to call it the greatest thing I’ve ever put in my butt because it’s an honest-to-god miracle of assplay engineering, hands down the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put inside myself. It makes my day brighter! But on the other hand…I can actually forget that it’s up there, and is that what I want, what I really really really zig-a-zig aah want?

njoycirclAgh. No. I’m not one for comfort; I like working for it, I like painfully impractical, beautiful things and apparently this extends to the things I stick in my orifices, too – I’m looking for an equivalent to the marks left on my skin after peeling myself out of a shapewear exoskeleton. The issue I’m having here is that the medium size is just too comfortable for me. It’s too perfect.

Should my bizarre neuroses dissuade you from getting one? Not at all! The medium pure plug is one of the most well-crafted buttplugs I’ve ever had the pleasure of lubing up and popping inside me. It’s technically flawless; beautiful, made from quality materials, impossibly comfortable, it requires only minimal warmup and it’s easy to take care of provided that you don’t drop it on a marble floor or scrub it with a brillo pad. If you’re looking for that one essential plug, then the medium njoy pure plug is absolutely the one to buy. I, on the other hand, will continue to hungrily eye up the njoy 2.0.

The lovely Jane over at Desires of the I.D sent me the medium njoy pure plug in exchange for an honest review! You can grab yourself a medium njoy pure plug for £69.99 at – delivery is free within the UK, and if you’re located in Europe it’s 5 euro or free if you buy more than two items. Bargain. And my pure plug even came to me giftwrapped; you’re not going to get personalised cards and delicate tissue paper from the big brands.

Oh, and a quick final note on fake njoys – I’m aware that there are a bunch of knockoffs floating around at the minute with some retailers even going so far as to call them ‘enjoy plugs’. These look and feel infinitely cheaper and some have plastic gems stuck on the bottom of the loop base. Genuine njoys don’t come with gems, plastic or otherwise, and have the njoy logo etched onto them; if you don’t spy the logo, it’s probably fake – and the knockoffs are never, ever as good as the originals.


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  2. kane 11/08/2015

    The backside of my package of the njoy pure plug “large” do have a “china” logo. Do you think i got a fake one?

    I just wonder, cause i thought the njoy toys are made in usa. Seems like its made in china, or at least the package.

    • A C 14/08/2015

      I just looked over mine and I couldn’t find any china logo…maybe it’s worth contacting them about and asking? I think they’re made in the USA but I’m not 100%.


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