Review – Tantus Pack & Play no. 2

packnplayI’ve stuck a lot of things in my various orifices, but the Pack & Play no.2 is up there on my best of list.

This is sorta weird for me cause it goes against basically every pre-set rule I have for myself re: sex toys – it’s flesh tone, although this one isn’t toooo bad because it’s tinted like the inside of a Curly Wurly and I’m a useless, drooling slave to their tooth-pulling caramel siren song, it looks like An Actual Peen, and it has veins. I do not like veins. I don’t like realism in general, probably because I don’t find flesh and blood dicks all that enticing. But squishy, floppy, soft silicone is one of my favourite things in the world, and I’ve always found Tantus’ regular O2 a little bit too firm to be quite perfect. So I asked for one, it arrived, and I fell in looooove.

The Pack & Play no.2 is essentially the Tantus Mark O2, but with a much softer, pliable texture that feels almost like sugar dusted Turkish delight. If you’re familiar with Tantus’ O2 silicone, this one of their dual-density toys minus the firm inner core; supple, but not unable to support itself. Matte (but not draggy like Fun Factory) until the shiny tip, and much less sticky, tacky, collect-all-the-hair-from-everywhere than Vixskin. It’s a nice, comfortable size too – 5 inches in girth, and 6 inches long.

The Pack & Play is one of those things where I can’t describe why something feels bad or good (lookin’ at you, Mona 2) but it just does. I’m not 100% on what it is that makes it feel so worthy of a trophy and a big rosette – maybe it’s the gentle curve on the underside, or the lightly patterned veins. You’d think the pillowy softness would make it mediocre and hopelessly flexible but it’s one the best things I’ve ever jammed inside me; used in combination with a creamier lube like coconut oil or Yes oil-based and something broad and rumbly, it brings to mind dreamy images of pink clouds and sunsets and honeysuckle. It’s even short enough for my length-intolerant vagina! Truly, a miracle on high.

packnplay5  packnplay3

The packing part of the Pack & Play no.2 isn’t bad, but I found it a bit impractical. It’s something I’d only wear outside if like, I wanted to incite a sexy riot and was also going to an 80s sportswear party because this thing borders on indecent when it’s all tucked in. It makes me look like I have a semi-concealed boner of a not inconsiderable size and that might be your thing and if it is then that’s great – tape an entire cucumber to your thigh if you want to! Chase those big dick dreams! – buuut it’s not remotely discreet and that makes me acutely uncomfortable. Having said that, I feel like it’d look way more natural and less, hey, look at my dick! on people who wear looser fitting trousers; there’s a picture on Shevibe that makes it look excellent. To be fair, packing has never really been my thing anyway, so I might be totally off-base AND deeply insensitive to those who want to look like Henry VIII at all times. Apologies.

The Pack & Play no.2 is never far from my bed. If it fell into a meat grinder or got stolen or set on fire, I would replace it in a second. It’s buttery soft, but not so spineless that it falls out or bends in on itself at every opportunity, it feels a thousand kinds of excellent, it can be strapped into a harness and as long as you’re not devoted to wearing the tightest of tight trousers at all times, I’m sure it’ll make your crotch look fantastic. Five stars.

Thankyou to the lovely people at Tantus for sending me the Pack & Play no. 2! If you’d like your own, you can get one from these excellent retailers –

Tantus (US-based, intl shipping) | Uberkinky (UK-based) | Shevibe (US-based, intl shipping)


  1. Kate 20/06/2015

    I’ve not had the best of luck with toys recently, like you I found the Lelo Mona 2 was completely unsuited to my vagina, the Mia 2 wasn’t powerful enough for my clit, which led me to the We-Vibe Tango (a toy my body actually agrees with!) but I bought it in the Pleasure Mate collection and neither the glow or the dusk did anything for me. After one final disappointing toy (the Tantus Echo) I was feeling very let down and frustrated, not only in the toys but my body too. Even though I’d sworn off buying anything new I happened to be reading your blog last week and the way you described the Pack & Play 2 just ticked all my boxes. Seriously, the words ‘buttery soft’ is what sold this thing. So I took the plunge, tried one more toy and I AM IN LOVE, this toy is what dreams of made of – the size, the shape, the feel (buttery soft is RIGHT). The only improvement would be a teardrop shaped base (like on the Curve) but that’s it, this toy is so close to perfect that’s all I could come up with. So thanks for your review and introducing me to this faith-in-sex-toys restoring toy!

    • A C 20/06/2015

      YAAAAYYYY! I’m so, so, so happy you like it! Also – the Pleasure Mate collection didn’t work for me either, the Tango’s a fantastic invention but the attachments left me cold. Such a bummer.

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