Stuff I’m into – June edition


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a – this is going to be a new post where I teach you all how to paint a box (amazing!); when my laptop went in for repairs I couldn’t dick around with my blog anymore so I repainted a bunch of old Lelo boxes for storage instead. turned out cute!  / b – I got this harness from Kinky Monkey and it is FANTASTIC / c- I found glitter in places on my body that I didn’t even know existed after this / d – I think this might be the most depressing picture of a buttplug ever taken? I can hear the CSI Las Vegas theme in my head just looking at it. it’s a great plug though.

I don’t have much in the way of photos for this month because wowww did June turn out to be busy and I guess I was just too distracted trying to spot-clean tomato soup stains out of my interview shirts to do anything interesting. I got some nice stuff in the post this month, though – I have a beautiful Papillon from Idee du Desir waiting to be reviewed, and Kinky Monkey sent me that glorious holographic harness I was banging on about last month. I have some reaaal intense feelings for it.


Like I said, real intense.

I also changed my blog theme (in case you didn’t notice) and I really love it! It has a lot of white space and while I’m still working on tweaking a few things here and there, I’m pleased with how it looks for now. I took an updated collection photo here, I took a #straponselfie, I ruined my hair again, I got a new job…June’s been okay, and hopefully July’ll be even better cause it’s my birthday month! There won’t be a giveaway or anything because I didn’t think to organise one (sorry), but maybe I’ll make celebratory dildo biscuits or something.

And again, timely offers + sex toy news snippets –

  • Lovehoney unveiled a new magic wand attachment that you can stick your suction cup dildos to! It looks super nifty and it’s only £10 at the minute.
  • The Mustang Royale is out!!! It comes with a new base that’s meant to make it better for strap-on fucking and I would crawl across the desert in my skivvies to get to one.
  • 20% off everrrrrything at! Just enter code HEAT20 at checkout.
  • You know I just reviewed the Tiger G5 like yesterday? There’s a Big Boss G5, too. Hefty.
  • There’s limited edition $60 emerald green Splash dildos in the Tantus Grab Bag bit so if that’s something that appeals to you, I’d get one while they’re there cause they’re probably not coming back.
  • The 20% off select Tantus offer at Shevibe is still running, plus they have 15% off Kiiroo for a limited time.
  • Since reviewing two cheaper butt toys earlier this month, I’ve been on a mission to find more budget butt stuff that’s not jelly galore and found these two promising ones on They’re under a tenner, too!
  • Win a glass dildo in your choice of colour and design from Fucking Sculptures over at Shevibe this month!

orangejuiceHave a good summer, and I hope you’re all slathering yourselves in spf!


  1. Artemisia FemmeCock 01/07/2015

    “I would crawl across the desert in my skivvies to get to one.” My feeling exactly! Also, I’m all about this box painting business because sex toys crafty things are great.

  2. Come Heather 21/09/2015

    That holographic harness is heavenly! I’m getting super 90s TLC-meets-Janet & Michael Jackson vibes from it. It’s just…otherworldly and I’d probably get hypnotized by it.


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