Stuff I’m into – March edition

In an attempt to spruce my blog up, I’m going to be posting lil update posts at the end of each month! Reviews are all very well but at the snail-like pace I produce them, it ends up looking a bit abandoned around here. Shabby. Not-so-great.

It’ll be stuff I’m into, stuff I’m not into, mini reviews, general bits and bobs…expect a lot more in April’s post because I pulled this one together at the last minute; realising you can’t put up any of the pictures you wanted to because literally all of them have your identifying features in (I love that, it makes me sound like a really shit spy) or you’ve already plastered them everywhere else is a punch to the gut like no other. Remind me not to be so vain in future?

sqnk  sqbg
sqlx  sqrb
sqdp  sqdld
a- I found my camera! and the battery! then lost the battery, again / b- I’ve reached new and more pretentious art hoe heights / c- a set of beautiful but unsafe rose quartz butt beads from luxotiq; I emailed them about this and they never responded. 0/10, would not recommend / d- a very rosebuddy rosebud / e- dick pic courtesy of the tantus pack n play 02 / f- super nut. super. nut. that dildo is the lovehoney beaded glass one and it is fantastic.

Other, less nsfw stuff I was into this month – Oatly non-dairy milk, suede everything, banana pancakes, learning how to ride a bike again and only scraping my knees five times, alien plaits, good real-life work things, Anna’s ginger thins, these socks, my brand new boots, my brand new email, my brand new haircut.

Oh, and in terms of bloggy things, there’ll be a new review of the Durex Sensual Bliss massager up in the next few days (a cute purple ufo) and then the Divine Interventions Jackhammer Jesus after that, maybe a quickie post on glass toys and I’ve a post on strapless strapons in the works but I doubt that’ll be completed very soon…

And finally, some timely offers –

  • Tantus have international shipping for either $9.95 or $19.95 until the 19th of May.
  • Tantus have also brought back the Clover for a limited time, which is an adorable shimmery pink dildo with a vibrator slot; someone please buy one so I can live vicariously through you. It’s only $29.99!
  • Fun Factory recently released some new bullet covers! They’re cute and lumpy and ever-so-slightly overpriced. Ooooh! And the Stronic Drei comes in black now. Sorta looks like a Godzilla peen.
  • There’s a long, double ended silicone dildo in blue (proper sky blue!) on sale for £17.50 in the Lovehoney sale.
  • Aaand to tie it all up with a pretty bow – if you’ve a jelly toy burning a melty, sticky hole in your toolbox, Crystal Delights are giving you 25% off if you destroy one and send them a picture of the gory evidence. I honestly don’t see a single downside to this.

 Happy Spring! 

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