Stuff I’m into – May edition







a – new appendages! / b – it might have rained nearly all month but that just means things are looking extra green / c – these are not the pink fluffy clouds I was on about in my Pack & Play review, but close enough / d – more fruit’s coming into season yessss / e – pants. literally pants / f – i figured out a new way to store my long paddles! but I had to take them down because my clothes need a place to live too. boo.

Other stuff I was into this month – allll the consolation pizzas, trying to compare the vibrations on the Mystic Wand and Smart Wand and failing every time (it’s too much fun, I don’t know how people manage it), watching my to-review wishlist dwindle, this harness, Mad Max, coconut milk rice pudding, my new meluna cup – I got a small because the medium didn’t work out and it’s green and I love it! it almost makes me wish that I bled regularly…almost, planning my summer, being able to take decent pictures for reviews again now that the sun doesn’t set at 3pm.

More timely offers –

Try and keep hydrated in summer! (unless it’s autumn/winter where you live, I guess…do it anyway, it’s good for youdrdr1)

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