10 easy sex tips to try tonight

Let’s make a deal, you and I. I’m going to give you a few sexy suggestions to try – I promise I won’t suggest anything too over the top if you promise you’ll give at least one of these a go tonight.

There are several handy ways of sharing this article, so you could even text your partner right now and say: ‘I’ve been taking hints…’

Let them guess what you fancy doing do when they get home.


There’s nothing wrong with it, people.

Watch some porn – together.

You both have a preference, so why not really explore what you’re both watching?

You can put it on in the background for a little inspiration.

Personally, I turn the sound down as it can get a little offputting.

One rule – pay for it. That’s where the best, non-rapey porn lies, and you can even get it customised.

Take a look at some of the webcamming sites, and pre-arrange with someone you find on there that you want them to tell you what to do.

You can live-stream in privacy whilst they watch or turn your camera off.

The beauty is you could drop them a few suggestions you’re a little too shy to admit out loud.

Sex toys

Set a challenge – you buy a sex toy you want to try, and your partner does the same.

See what kind of present you each come home to.

Remote-control toys

This could be fun if you have an evening out planned.

There are several sex toys which can be controlled by text or app.

So have a date night, but maybe with only one of you in control of the toy.

I hesitate on getting you both to use one at the same time, just in case it turns more into a competition than passion – but there’s nothing stopping you.

Take a chance

Or, what I like to call The F***-it Bucket.

You both write 10 things you would like to do, be it your partner to you, or you to your partner and pull it out like a raffle.

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