10 Great Sex Tips for a Happy Relationship (Turn Bedroom Blues into Blue Skies)

Sexual satisfaction does not occur just because two people are attracted to one another, or even in love. The happiness in many relationships is compromised by sexual dissatisfaction.

The dissatisfaction isn’t always about performance. It includes a decrease in desire, a decline in frequency despite desire, and increase in sexual dysfunction. Older couples are more likely to experience dissatisfaction, but couples across all life stages can feel short-changed in the bedroom.

No worries though, spicing up your love life doesn’t have to involve rope and blindfolds if that’s not your thing. You also don’t have to spend an hour in a lingerie shop that makes you feel more objectified than sexy. And, hanging from the chandelier or spreading out on a kitchen counter doesn’t usually play out in reality as well as it does in the sex fantasy.

Nevertheless, a lackluster love life is an easier fix than many couples realize when both partners are willing to invest in the satisfaction of one another. Great sex can be achieved with communication and relaxation in partnerships that are healthy.

Assuming there are no ongoing conflicts that interfere with desire, these ten practical strategies can help you modify your sex routine and turn the heat up in the bedroom.

1. Talk

As emphasized in the article, “Say It,” couples who communicate are more likely to have satisfying sex. Words should be used before, during and after sex to enhance the experience. Although movie romance makes sex look magical, in real life partners need to use words to fulfill desires.

Before sex, proper communication sets the tone. Offer to touch one another in sensual, but nonsexual ways. Do not start out touching genitals or breasts, and ask permission to touch those parts instead of assuming that is what the partner is ready for.

Asking permission may feel awkward at first, but so is having to apologize or receive an apology because the female did not orgasm, again. Risk the awkwardness up front. You will both get used to it over time and enjoy the results of slowing down.

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