25 Super Honest Sex Tips That Women Want You To Know About

BuzzFeed Brazil recently asked female readers on Facebook to share super honest sex advice, and here’s what they said:

Note: Responses have been edited and translated for clarity.

1. “My sex tip: communicate. Is this OK? Say so! Is it not OK? Just say so. Things can only improve from there.” —Bianca

2. “Foreplay is important. Very important. The more, the better. It may seem obvious, but it isn’t to a lot of people.” —Juliana

3. “Stretching in beforehand really helps. I only do so when it’s a prearranged fuck, lol. But that way, I can do it before the person arrives.” —Desiree

4. “Don’t apply so much pressure to our lady bits with your fingers. It’s a pretty sensitive spot, and when you do that, the desire and passion just go away.” —Amanda

5. “During anal sex, positioning really makes it or breaks it for us, you know? Try starting out with him lying on his back, with you sitting on top of him (and that way you control how fast and how much he enters you.) It really makes things easier at the start. And the most important piece of advice, my dears: there’s no point in trying to stick it in right away because it just won’t go. You gotta work up to it first, get stimulated, especially at the front. MASTURBATING BEFORE ANAL IS EVERYTHING!” —Jéssica

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