DOXY 3 Massage Wand & Attachment Review | With Rae Chen &!

Join Rae Chen of The Notice and the Team in taking a critical look at the latest Doxy massage wand, Doxy 3! The latest corded massage wand from Doxy features a smaller aluminum body with a removable silicone head that that can be interchanged with four different wand attachment heads; Doxy 3 Clitoral Stimulator, Doxy 3 Rabbit Stimulator, Doxy 3 Perineum Stimulator and the Doxy 3 Masturbation Sleeve Stimulator. Have you been curious about the Doxy line of massage wands but not sure about the differences between the Doxy Diecast and the latest Doxy, Doxy 3? Have you been considering purchasing a wand attachment such as the clitoral stimulator or rabbit stimulator? In this review, Rae Chen brings her classy charm and critical view to bring you a deeper understanding and closer view of these very popular unisex sex toys! Learn more about Doxy 3 Massage Wand: Doxy 3 Massage Wand: Learn more about Doxy 3 and Wand Attachments: Clitoral Stimulator Attachment: Rabbit Stimulator Attachment: Prostate Stimulator Attachment: Masturbation Sleeve Attachment: Learn more about Doxy Diecast Massage Wand: Doxy Diecast Massage Wand:

Doxy Die Cast Massage Wand