Lelo Smart Wand (Large)

The Lelo Smart Wand (Large) is a wonderfully designed toy that has left several people shaking at the knees. However, for every person who loves this product there has been someone who doesn’t care much for it. So, because of this, I decided to write a real honest review about the Smart Wand by Lelo.

Lelo Smart Wand -Large
Lelo Smart Wand -Large

To start, let’s talk about the vibrations. Though they aren’t the strongest that I have felt, the rumbling sensation is deep and well-paced which makes up for the lack of power. This toy did take me to orgasmic heights that I haven’t felt with a lot of toys that I have tried.

So, what exactly is it for…

The Smart Wand was Lelo’s reach into the market of wand massagers. It is one of two, the Medium version being smaller and less powerful (Not worth it in comparison to the large). Review of the Lelo Mona 2

The packaging for the Smart Wand isn’t discreet in the least bit, depicting a woman using the toy for its second function. Body Massage. It is intended for a deep, satisfying body massage that relieves tension while relaxing muscles in many extremities of the body, as well as the back and neck. At least that is what the box ‘assures’ people.

Lelo Smart Wand -Large
Lelo Smart Wand -Large

Visually it is appealing as both a sex toy and a body massager. Seeing its design, you can clearly tell it is intended for solo or partner intimacy. A little foreplay always helps set the mood, and this toy is honestly good for foreplay.

My Opinion on the Lelo Smart Wand

In my honest opinion about the Smart Wand; It is underwhelming. The pleasure it gives is great! But the lack of power and the large size was a bit of a letdown to me. I am not a size queen, so this wasn’t ideal for me. However, it is still a solid attempt for Lelo in breaking into the market. The body massager does work to an extent, and makes for a great sensual play between partners before going all the way. Would I recommend this product? That is the real question. Yes, I would. Lelo Ida

It is still a pleasurable toy and is perfect for any collection. Lelo didn’t necessarily outdo themselves, but they did make a great massager that is perfect for solo or partner play. I think they can improve in the future with their always quality products, but for now, this toy is still one of the best on the market by Lelo.