Review – Bondara silicone anal pleasure beads

This is truly a momentous occasion: this is my first set of anal beads, and they are good.

The Bondara silicone anal pleasure beads might have kind of a squicky name, but they’ve fulfilled all my dream criteria for a sex toy. Seriously – they feel good, look good, they’re body-safe, actually work as intended aaand they’re affordable, retailing for £9.99 and currently in a two for £24.99 offer. Nifty!

Unfortunately the Bondara website doesn’t actually mention the dimensions for each individual bead (why?) so I went ahead and measured them myself – the smallest bead is 2 inches in circumference, the second 2.5 inches, the third 3 inches, and the final and thickest is 3.5 inches. I’d stick these firmly in the small to medium category, and although they’re slightly textured it’s nothing I’d classify as extreme or only for the hardened of soul and butthole.

The silicone these are made from is definitely on the firm end of the scale – they have absolutely no squish and the stem between each bead only has a small amount of stretch to it. It is, however, very silky silicone with no seams and some really interesting texture; they curve in and out again like flower petals and while I wasn’t 100% sure if I’d enjoy that at first, I was pleasantly surprised by it. I think the shallow grooves make insertion slightly easier than it would be trying to pop a perfectly round, lubed up sphere in there, and the same thing applies to (gently) removing them.

I don’t need a lot of warm-up for these and prefer to use an oil-based lube like Yes or coconut oil when inserting them – oil coats in a way that hybrid lubes don’t, and I generally don’t like using water-based lube for butt stuff. The first bead feels almost tickly thanks to the small (small-ish, really, my thumb is the same circumference) size and texture, but the second to last and final beads feel pleasantly filling. It’s a different sensation to plugs, better for longer and more drawn-out sessions, and I found them less filling but more internally stimulating to wear during penetration.

The product description – and nearly everything else I’ve read about anal beads – mentions pulling them out at the point of orgasm but I tried this and I guess I’m really uncoordinated with all that extra oxytocin flowing around my system because it didn’t work out

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