Review – Fun Factory Moody G5 & Fun Factory Cayona

Not gonna lie, when I unwrapped my review package from Fun Factory and saw the Moody’s happy little silhouette staring up at me I might’ve felt my heart sink a little bit. It’s not my bag. It looks like it’s wearing a strange peplum getup and it has that dreaded birdy beak thing going on at the tip, a cheap party bag vibrator hallmark and something that I’ve found to be at best ineffectual and at worst, scrapey.

I want to be able to say I was wrong because I love being surprised and there are so many rave reviews for this wobbly little weirdo, but the Moody actively disagrees with my insides. There’s no two ways about it – sometimes you meet toys that literally hate your guts, and this is one of them. The poky little tip feels like it’s rummaging around in my guts, somehow missing my g-spot at every turn, and the ribs on the shaft grate and roll against the top wall of my vag in a way that I can only describe as visceral.

The silicone on the Moody seems to be draggier than the kind on the Cayona and I’m speculating that this is why it feels so deeply unpleasant; I have to use way more Sliquid Sassy (my first choice for Fun Factory’s curiously gritty silicone) than I do for the Cayona and I seem to be one of the only sex bloggers in the universe whose enjoyment isn’t upped by spraying lube everywhere with wild abandon. It’s just more faff than it’s worth.

On the plus side, Fun Factory’s button design is spot on as always (DEDICATED KILL SWITCH YEEEE) and the vibrations on the Moody are rumbly and ramp up to a thumping high speed on the highest continuous setting. They manage to travel all the way through the bulk of the silicone including that bizarre looking ruff at the base, which in my opinion is the Moody’s saving grace; using it internally might make me cringe, but rotating the ruff against my clit sets me up for one of those orgasms that go all the way down to my toes. That said,

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