Lelo Ida

Part of LELO’s luxury high end line, the Lelo IDA is basically a more decked out version of the TARA. If you’re on the market for a small and discreet toy that allows you to have hands free fun, the 8 function SenseMotion equipped toy has you covered.

Lelo Ida
Lelo Ida


  • The IDA offers a hands-free experience through SenseMotion remote control.
  • There are 8 different functions to choose from, 2 more than the TARA.
  • Unlike the TARA, you will not have to fiddle with lubed up thighs to use it.
  • Designed with medical-grade silicone.
  • Available in Lilac, Pink or Black.

What You Get

The standard box it comes in looks elegant with a shiny black finish. When you open it, the LELO IDA is right there waiting for your graze. Once you fight the urge to pick up the remote and vibrator right then, you keep going and open the flap to find some sample lube, the batteries that go in your new remote. Also, you have the IDA charger, directions and a storage pouch. Lelo Siri 2 review

They also include warranty information, and a special key to open the remote.

Using the LELO IDA

I highly recommend looking over the included instructions at some point to fully understand how your new toy works. Usually I say their self-explanatory, but to get the most from the IDA I found reading helped. I now fully understand how to get to the patterns I want.

In the water! Yes, it is fully waterproof and that means having a blast in the shower is always an option. Enjoy a little self-love in the bath, or get a bit more erotic and kinkier by using it in or by the pool, beach, river or lake. Get creative!


The fun thing about remote controls is that partners can enjoy choosing what you feel. This is a great thing for spicing up the evening between new couples or bringing back the fun in a long marriage.

Lelo Ida Package
Lelo Ida Package

Personally, I prefer using this toy when it comes to sexual activity with my partner. Not knowing what he will choose next is a big turn on for me and gets me wet every time. He knows what patterns I like most, so he’ll use that to tease me, sometimes all day as we lounge around the house! Review of Lelo Hula Beads

The Final Word

Short and simple, if you are looking to spice things up then give it a go. You and your partner will both be glad that you did. If you’re simply looking for a new toy for solo fun, you may enjoy other Lelo brand toys better, but it’s still worth checking out.