NJOY Pure Wand Review

Are you ready to stimulate your g-spot like never before? The Njoy Pure Wand has been getting a ton of attention because it’s made to cause massive climaxes, even reports of squirting because it’s so amazing. Well, I just had to try it for myself and see. Keep reading to see how it went.

NJOY Pure Wand
NJOY Pure Wand

What is it?

Well, it’s a dildo made from stainless steel with a major curved design. This curve is what allows it to hit the g-spot and you can put more or less pressure depending on your preference. The founder of Njoy has reportedly said he is devoted to ensuring his products are high quality and the smoothest possible. anal hook

The medical-grade stainless steel ensures safety on multiple levels. It is also extremely smooth, with or without lube.

How to use it?

Well, it’s a dildo so it’s fairly straightforward. There are no moving motors or parts, it doesn’t have buttons, it’s simply a single piece of shaped metal ready to provide you amazing pleasure.

The way it’s designed, each end has a bulb of different sizes. One end is 1.5” in diameter, while the smaller side is 1”. The insertable length is roughly 8.5”.

What does it feel like?

It’s stainless steel, so at first, it’s freaking cold! Although, it warms up quickly to body temperature. It’s also hard, very hard, have you ever tried to bend stainless steel? I didn’t have to worry about what type of lube I used, and it slid in smoothly and felt great. It’s different than the feeling of other materials because there is no give or flex at all.

NJOY Pure Wand
NJOY Pure Wand

Temp play is a fun thing to do with this one as well. You can quickly get it cold or warmed up using bowls of water. Unlike glass dildos, you can put this in the freezer if you wanted shortly before playtime too. For a fun experience, have a bowl of warm water and ice water both, then quickly switch between the two sensations! njoy pure plug


If you’re looking for something to better stimulate your g-spot, you want something with at least a slight curve, but after using the NJOY Pure Wand I think a larger curve gives me the added pressure that I really enjoy. I’m glad I decided to try it out and I vouch that it lives up to the hype.