Sex Tips for Girls from Guys

Guys, add your suggestions and tips. Girls, hopefully this is useful 🙂
It’s why we make such a big deal out of you initiating at least some of the time. It’s why we make a big deal out of swallowing – it’s the opposite of ‘oh god I got some on me get it off get it off get it off’. It’s why we love it when you snuggle on our chest and absentmindedly swirl your fingers through our chest hair. Or reach down and run your hand down our cock while still in early foreplay, because you just want to touch us because you can.
Remember, your body is candy to us. You may find all kinds of flaws in your body, but we don’t, and now is not the time to spoil our enjoyment of it. How’d you like it if the waiter took 15 minutes of arguing and complaining about the quality of your meal before he agreed to give it to you, or insisted on smothering it in ketchup so you wouldn’t taste how bad it was? Leave that shit at the gym or somewhere, ffs.
Kiss me. Lots. Sure men have the whole male bravado thing going on, but we like to be kissed as much as you.
If we are eating you out/fingering you be vocal. Let us know what feels good for you. This isn’t the time for us to be mind readers. I would much prefer you to tell me to change something than you to pretend it’s going marvellous. Remember, we want to satisfy you, help us out for your sake.
Blowjobs. Treat our penises like you want us to treat you clit. Maxxters advice in the other thread was to stimulate all of it. Penises work much in the same way. Also, decide what you are going to do when/if we come. Don’t stop just when it’s getting good. How would you feel if you were on the brink of orgasm and we stopped to make out instead?
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