Tenga Flip Zero Electronic Vibrating V2 Black | LuxuryVibrators.ca – Only the Finest Vibrations!

The Tenga Electronic Vibrating Flip Zero V2 Black is an updated version of Tenga’s best selling masturbator. It’s easy to clean, charges quickly and is made to pleasure you again and again! Tenga has taken it’s most popular, bestselling masturbator, the Flip Zero EV and made it even better! The Tenga Electronic Vibrating Flip Zero V2 Black is now firmer and offers stronger sensations with better suction & a tighter squeeze. Featuring dual vibrating cores, and firm walls that hold you in place for the most amazing ride. The rippling edge stimulates as you pass through, with strong vibrations that begin at the tip providing rumbling sensation with every stroke. The center offers a pulsating sensation that sends a trembling feeling throughout, all while the orbs create the most intense pleasure from both sides. After insertion use the pressure pads to manually control the pressure or squeeze out the air creating a strong vacuum suction. Learn more: https://www.luxuryvibrators.ca/shop/tenga-electronic-vibration-flip-zero-v2-black/