What To Know About Courteous Casual Sex

Are you curious about the trending topic of casual sex? Well, if you are thinking about hopping on that train then you will need to know some basic ways to have courteous casual sex to ensure it remains fun. Afterall, hooking up can be empowering and great for self-esteem, but if things go sideways it can become negative.


First, you always want to be sure you’re comfortable with the arrangement and that your partner is too. Things will go much smoother if you understand and respect each other. This is true for any type of relationship, sexual or not.


In addition to respect, safety is another vital basic to remember. The first step is to get consent, never assume. Second, be transparent about your limits and respect others as well, this includes being open about the use of contraception or other forms of protection. Finally, consent at the beginning does not mean full commitment – you or your partner can revoke further consent at any time.


Having dignity, according to Katherine Schafler, licensed therapist, the basis of dignity is understanding we’re all human and not objects. An object lacks emotion, available for use at any time and be tossed around, or disregarded. Therefore, there remains a difference between causally having sex and simply using people and treating others as disposable sex toys.

The following are some things we all need:

Full understanding

It is up to you how much detail you want to share with your sexual partner, but you should at the very least share what you want to do, and any terms you may have.

Health Consideration

From long-term to one-nighters, health risks are always an important area to consider. Not only are STDs or STIs a major concern, but discussing pregnancy prevention should be a priority with casual encounters.

If your partner is not willing to wear protection, you should find someone else.


Sexual partners should be treated with respect, which includes acknowledging them outside of the bedroom too. When passing people, we know, it is natural to acknowledge them. So, by ignoring them in public it could send the message that you’re embarrassed by them.