Womanizer Premium Vs Classic Vs. Liberty Vs Inside-out Comparison | With Rae Chen

Join Rae Chen of The Notice and the LuxuryVibrators.ca Team in comparing the Womanizer Premium to the Womanizer Classic, to the Womanizer Liberty and Womanizer Inside-out! After thoughtful contemplation, Rae Chen brings you her jam packed review of these four incredible Womanizer clitoral vibrators. Have you been curious about the differences between the Womanizer Premium and Womanizer Classic? Are you a longtime Womanizer customer who's curious about the addition of the insertable appendage and it's affect on Womanizer experience? In this review, Rae Chen brings her classy charm and diverse Womanizer experience to give you the Cole's Notes on these very popular female sex toys! Learn more: https://www.luxuryvibrators.ca/womanizer-comparison-guide/