Extremely loud & incredibly close: review of Annabelle Knight vibrating knickers

I was sent these vibrating knickers from Annabelle Knight’s new range, which were kindly sent to me by Lovehoney for testing before the launch! Honestly, I’ve never really understood the point of vibrating knickers. They always seemed a little bit gimmicky, a bit cheap, a bit hen party-ish, something that only encourages sex toys to be regarded as something silly and slightly embarrassing. Also, what’s their purpose – are they meant to be worn outside, like a wireless love egg?
These arrived very quickly in your standard brown box, I know everyone skims over the packaging descriptions but these are really nicely presented, they’re in a little matte black gift box with an illustration of a (fully dressed! not engaged in any sexual acts! not faking an orgasm! it’s a miracle!) lady on the front, and inside is a with a leaflet with instructions and details about the rest of the Annabelle Knight range. These knickers are obnoxiously pretty, and I mean that in the best way possible! I didn’t find any loose threads and the lace doesn’t feel cheap, it’s nice and soft, not itchy, doesn’t irritate my skin, and there’s a beautiful panel at the back with three layers of frills and a silky black bow. I received a size M/L – I have size 12/14 hips depending on where an item of clothing sits – and these sit right on the broadest part of my hips and stay there comfortably with no digging in or rolling over. The lace is fairly stretchy but if you’re inbetween sizes I’d advise sizing up just to be on the safe side.

The knickers come with a small, separate, one-function bullet and a battery – there’s no mention of it being waterproof so I wouldn’t risk it if you were fond of aquatic play. The bullet is inserted into a small pocket in  the crotch of the underwear and the idea is that you’re able to turn the bullet on and have it vibrate against you handsfree.

The bullet is fairly powerful, it doesn’t give you deep and rumbly vibrations but it’s not a high pitched whine either – I don’t really use bullets that much anymore but I swapped the one provided out with my Tracey Cox supersex bullet just to see if I was able to and it fit in there fine so there’s the potential for that too. I was expecting it to dig in or feel uncomfortable pressed up there but it really doesn’t – however, I found that when I wore these while walking around whichever bullet I had in there slipped back into the pocket further and ended up nestling between my labia instead of against my clit, which feels pleasant, but it’s not exactly what’s intended of them.

I’m not sure if you’d be able to orgasm using these alone honestly, I wasn’t, but again, I’m not sure if that’s the point of them? They seem more of a foreplay tool or something that you’d use in replacement of a remote-controlled love egg or similar. However. The bullet is loud. It doesn’t rattle, but it makes a noise like an angry bee and I feel like due to this it wouldn’t be exactly practical for wearing out and about unless you were somewhere extremely loud, maybe a gig or something? Definitely not for wearing while doing your grocery run or a quick trip to the off-license.

I wouldn’t recommend these if you were after something you can wear outside unless you’re into s/M aspects and being given humiliation based tasks, I imagine if you were then the heavy buzzing noise that the bullet gives off would be titillating for you and not something you’d immediately regret doing on stepping outside the house. However, they’re ideal gift giving material (maybe that is the point of vibrating pants after all) – they’re pretty knickers and a fairly powerful little bullet, admittedly together they don’t do a whole lot aside from making your bum look peachy and your labia vibrate, but separately, they do their jobs. So, separately – feminine, flattering underwear and a reliable bullet. Together – just not that workable, at least not for me. Honestly, I was slightly disappointed by them. The whole set is £18.99 and I’m not sure if that’s really worth it for a pair of (albeit, gorgeous) lacy knickies and a not-that-special bullet.

You can purchase these and the rest of the Annabelle Knight range exclusively at Lovehoney.



One thought on “Extremely loud & incredibly close: review of Annabelle Knight vibrating knickers

  1. I don’t get the point of vibrating panties either, but they’re a popular choice with cishet men looking to give their female bodied partners a naughty gift.
    Of course, so are edible panties *laughs*

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