Hello! I’m a perpetually overexcited queer person from the UK. In my spare time I enjoy putting things inside myself and writing about it afterwards, sticking googly eyes on sex toys, the odd bit of adult copywriting (‘can also be used as a doorstop’ is apparently an unacceptable thing to say about a 6kg dildo, I’ve learned) and crying over international shipping fees.

I also like consuming ungodly amounts of fruit, terrible puns, illustrating, taking six hour catnaps, perfecting my cheekbone highlight and using a lot of of hyphens and brackets and exclamation marks and all that fun and fancy free punctuation that you’re meant to use sparingly. I get emotional about sex toys and everything else. I use they/them pronouns, please respect that. Don’t be a dick.

You can find me dotted around the internet here – twitter ● tumblr ● instagram ● pinterest ● feedly ● my lovehoney account

If you’d like to contact me, you can send an email to apricotcreams (at) gmail.com, or I have a contact form here if you’d rather use that!