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Dildo doodles v.1


I’m not gonna lie, this is totally a filler post because I was going to put a review of this super cute paddle with a heart cutout up this weekend and I don’t have any pictures that do it justice. Do you know how frustrating it is when you’re trying to get a picture of a specific bruise and you can’t get a good one and you wake up the next morning and it’s yellow and misshapen? It looks more like a lettuce than a heart at this point. I have a vegetable garden on my butt.

In addition to having an allotment on my ass, I also have a couple of sketchbooks full of sex/sex toy related doodles, so I’m going to continue putting up scraps from those up here on a semi-regular basis. Here are some sfw ones – none of these are ‘finished’ and I don’t intend on finishing any of them, really, I’ve got my header to do, which has taken me three months and still isn’t done, and I need to get a new tablet, and I have all these ideas for new projects – sex toy stickers! sex toy stamps! – but I’m going to leave off here because this post reaaaally doesn’t need any more waffle, I’m just nervous.

dood1 dood3


L-R: Iroha Sakura (I want to do watercolours of this, it’s so cute I can’t stand it, or if I was really into 3D work I’d make little mini ones out of colour-washed cotton wool) and the handle of an Ina, Tantus Splash ft. Irohas and some colour swatches – turns out I don’t have any pens that’d be suitable for colouring the Splash with, booooo, fabric collaged Plunge paddle, Ina again, and the We-Vibe 3, and some continuous Lelo line drawings.

If you’re unfamiliar with continuous line drawings, they’re my favourite thing to do ever. You get your object or your person or whatever you’re drawing and you stick your pen on the page and draw them like you would usually, but you don’t look at your paper and you don’t take your pen off the paper either, just keep drawing in a – tada! – continuous line. They’re really fun, there’s no right or wrong way for them to look, they’re good for warming up before a life drawing or a big piece and I just like messing up pretty shit. Lelo toys are as cla$$y as they come, so it seemed like a logical decision. They can be as quick as you like or you can take hours on them, all the ones pictured took about 15-30 seconds each and I went back in on a few of them with a thicker fineliner or a crayon – if someone can identify the two completely mangled ones with the pink asterisks next to them, I’ll do you a lil wax crayon doodle of your favourite toy.


Oh, and I found this in my drafts folder a couple of days ago. I was going to make a gif for my Sakura review but I got to the fifth frame, realised I hated it and now I’m re-drawing it by hand. Does anyone else think the Iroha toys look like they’d squeal or stars should come out them when you squish them?