Blog tour time!

The super cute Naughty Reenie tagged me in this lil blog tour! I feel a little silly doing this because referring to my tiny little blog – the same blog where I describe buttholes as ‘distant, organic relatives of vacuum cleaners’ and take all my pictures with an iphone and make frequent glaring grammatical errors – as ‘writing’ is so funny to me. But hopefully someone’ll enjoy reading it, and maybe one day I’ll be able to refer to my blog as ‘my writing’ without cackling.

First off; what am I working on?

Hmm. I have a couple of non-review posts coming up, I’m still trying to frankenstein my perfect theme together, and I’ve recently started doing some product descriptions and things for a sex toy website, which has been really fun for me – who knew that describing enema kits was so intellectually stimulating? I’ve got a lot of non-bloggy things going on at the minute too, but the busiest bit is over for now. I think. I hope.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’m not big on formalities. I’m a bit unpolished. I don’t know, this is a difficult question because aside from my individual qualities (I’m non-binary, dating a laydee) I don’t think my blog has a certain shtick. I don’t make any particular effort to come across as something and I don’t work super extra mega hard to have a defining trait and I don’t use a certain review format. I’m pretty tongue in cheek and I go off on tangents a lot; someone actually emailed me a few weeks ago saying that reading my reviews was like sitting opposite a friend and listening to them get excited about something and I’m down with that. I like that.

Why do I write what I do?

Mostly because it’s fun, but also because up until now I hadn’t done any real writing since I left uni (which is hilarious because until I left high school I wanted to be a writer) and it’s pretty great being able to exercise those skills while writing about something I feel strongly about. It’s also nice being able to get to know the people behind certain companies and more about their values – Tantus spring to mind.

How does my writing process work?

This sounds terrible, but I don’t think I really have a writing process? I procrastinate over little things like nothing else but I’m able to get shit done quickly, so a lot of the time I’ll have an entire post finished but no pictures. Or I’ll have pictures and I know how I feel about it but I’ll get stuck on the last paragraph and it takes me a week to get round to writing that one chunk of text. When I’m starting a post, I generally open notepad and write down fragments or half-sentences, build on it from there and then I kind of ‘glue’ it all together in WordPress – my next post (nearly done!) looked like this until three days ago;


As you can see, I am incredibly professional in my approach. You should totally hire me.

To keep this going, I’m passing this on to five other bloggers (if they want to!) – Sincerely Yours, N, Teal Valentine, Red Hot Rosaline, Millenia Toybox, & Ninja Sexology.


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