Review – the Fun Factory Boosty

I’m a big fan of Fun Factory; their silicone can feel draggy and almost powdery at times, but I have to admire the company who came up with Flexi Felix, the caterpillar who feels most at home in your anal cavity, and who consistently make body-safe products in eye-searing shades of orange, blue, red, and green in addition to the industry standards of cerise, purple or baby pink. The Boosty’s the first butt toy I’ve tried from them – I’ve been told that the Bootie is the original, and the one I should’ve tried out first, but it sold out before I could get to it.

The Boosty is available in a choice of aquarium pebble turquoise and petrol black, and comes in sturdy, non-gendered packaging with a drawing of a butt on. The Boosty is the most girthy plug I currently own, with three irregularly stacked bulbs of slightly different circumferences; the top bulb measures just under 4 inches around, the middle being the thickest with exactly 5 inches of girth, and the bottom bulb measuring just under 5 inches. The stem thins out considerably to 1.5 inches of both girth and length, with the base being 3.5 inches long. The base-to-neck ratio is perfect, actually, it ensures that the whole things stays put and feels completely secure, no matter how overenthusiastic (there’s no such thing! use all the lube! all of it! squeeze that bottle until it squeaks!) you may have been with your lube application.

The silicone the Boosty’s made from feels slightly different to the kind used for the other Fun Factory toys I’ve met* – it’s extremely smooth, firm yet flexible,  and without the dry and powdery finish that the Share has. There’s a faint but visible seam running down each side of the Boosty, which I’ll get back to later, and while the base is long it doesn’t entirely restrict access to my vagina, which is an issue I had with the terribly named Doc Johnson Mood Naughty plug. Yay!

I need to work up to the Boosty as it’s so chubby – my Tantus Meteorite works best as a prep tool, as it’s more of a play plug than anything else, or a moderately energetic finger-blasting if I’m with a partner.

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