Review – Julian Snelling small steel Rosebud plug

I’ve wanted a princess plug for years. It’s like a fixation. I’ve been looking for an affordable option for what seems like forever and who’d have thought? I stumbled onto the Rosebud’s website (did you know that their range was so vast? because I didn’t) and guess who was having a sale! Within 5 days of picking out my colour and paying that €21,50 + €9 shipping from France, a brown cardboard box landed on my doormat.

My plug came in a tiny little velvet bag, which I have of course managed to break the drawstring on and cover in miscellaneous fluff in the month or so I’ve had it. The plug itself is TEENY. I know this is the ‘small’ version (from what I can gather, Rosebud plugs come in four sizes- small, large, XL and XXL) but this is truly pocket size. It’s shorter than a lipbalm tube, has a reassuring weight to it, and while being smaller than I thought it was, it’s my favourite shape for a plug to be, with an almost lollipop-like bulb, a tapered tip, a long skinny neck and a flared base.

I’ve never actually lost something up my butt, but I’ve read enough cautionary tales and had enough gruesome stories told to me by a pal who’s training to be a nurse to be extra super cautious; I pretty much view buttholes as distant, organic relatives of vacuum cleaners at this point.

pluggplgThe gem (crystal?) on my plug is the ‘white lagoon’ colour, and it is beauuuutiful, opalescent and milky with a warm pinkish shimmer to it. I’m officially infatuated with something that lives in my butt. There is one thing that’s less than perfect about it, and it’s weird – there are little black clusters of something around the edges of the jewel. It looks like soot. When I first took it out of the package I gave it a good wash, went in there with a soft toothbrush and cottonbud soaked in Lelo cleaner and most of it came off but there are some traces of whatever it is stuck right in the difficult to access crevice between the steel and the gem. I’m not concerned and I’m just assuming that it’s something to do with the process of inlaying it, maybe, but still. It’s weird. If anyone else has one of these plugs I’d really appreciate you telling me if yours came with this ~mystery substance~ too!

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