Review – that one Sailor Moon dildo/Crystal Heart wavy glass dildo

heartI bought the Crystal Heart wavy glass dildo from Lovehoney after having lusted after it for nearly a year, and it arrived as usual, well packed in discreet brown cardboard packaging. It comes in a slim box with an image of the dildo itself on the outside. After opening it, I found that instead of the usual storage bag it comes in a little display case! I initially thought this case was made of frosted glass due to the thickness and feel of it, but much to my surprise, it’s plastic. This is a cute touch but I still wish they’d included a storage bag, I don’t really understand why they don’t come as default.

The dildo itself has a shaft with three bulbs that start off small and elongated and get progressively rounder and fatter. The tip is tapered, and it has a flattened base with the pink glass heart sculpted on top of it, which enables it to be safely used for anal play. It’s a gorgeous piece – it looks like some kind of magic wand (the fictional fairy princess kind, not the mains-powered kind), or a bizarre lollipop, or maybe an x-rated Sailor Moon accessory? It’s probably the least intimidating sex toy I’ve ever seen, despite being made of a thick glass.