A selection of resources –  information on sex, gender expression and sexuality, sex toy information, and a couple of useful diy tutorials too. If there’s anything that you think should be here but isn’t, contact me!

Sex toys & sex toy safety

Sexual health, sexuality, gender expression & general A* sites to visit

  • Autostraddle – ‘news, entertainment, opinion, community, & girl-on-girl culture’. Queer fam. I’m particularly fond of their anonymous sex toy reviews.
  • Brook – UK charity providing sexual health services to people under 25. They have an excellent links page, too!
  • Frisky Feminist Press – run by Lauren Marie Fleming/Queerie Bradshaw, Frisky Feminist is ‘dedicated to providing accessible, judgement-free, comprehensive sex education’, and hosts a variety of guides and classes.
  • Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide – I’ve already linked to their guides to packing & harnessing, but it really is an invaluable resource with tons of how-to guides and general information.
  • Kinkly – sex talk! Guides, discussion pieces, and interviews with people from the sex blogging community.
  • Pucker Up – Tristan Taormino’s ‘sex positive salon’.
  • Queer Zine’s well-researched resources page for UK folk includes a ton of links to helplines and support groups from around the UK – not just London.
  • Scarleteen – an exhaustive community-driven sex education resource on all things health, gender and sexuality.
  • Trans resources masterpost – links to information on aesthetic issues, resources & general help.
  • Vagina Pagina – a livejournal community that’s been running since 2001, this is a veritable font of information on everything concerning, er, vaginas. They also have an off-lj website here, which has a lengthy resources page.

If you’re feeling crafty – remember to play safely!

  • master post of sorts from Submissive Guide – tons of links to tutorials on how to make varying types of bondage gear.
  • A Roll in the Hay’s Screwvet/sex blanket tutorial.
  • An in-depth article from Evil Monk on using pegs/clothespins for all kinds of consensual torture.
  • Fetish Weekly – lots of interesting rope tutorials with lovely pictures.
  •’s simple packy harness pdf!
  • How to make handcuffs from a belt. Super quick and easy to make – even I’ve managed it!
  • How to make soft wrist cuffs with attached d-rings! The instructions require a sewing machine but if you have enough patience and a steady hand you could probably make these without. Diy bdsm has a few other great tutorials in addition to this one.
  • Lori’s strapon rope harness tutorial. Very pretty and a good way to practice your rope skills.
  • Midori’s scarf harness tutorial. I’ve used this a LOT and you can substitute scarves for whatever you’ve got handy – tights, socks…
  • Pervocracy’s guide to making a basic strapon harness! This is a really useful tutorial because you end up with a functional harness that doesn’t dissolve after you’re done, it’s cheap to make (you can get all the materials in a hardware shop or on ebay), plus you don’t need to have a textiles degree to finish it.
  • r/BDSMdiy – another subreddit with some interesting posts, good for getting ideas and ‘has anyone does this before?’