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A Touch of Glass Double-O glass dildo review

swirlynewI was mainly attracted to the Double-O because of the colour. It’s a beautiful rich bottle green and when you hold it up to the sunshine it almost shimmers, it projects streams of lime green light onto the walls and if there were a way to keep it suspended in mid-air, like a classy version of one of those very early 2000’s hanging decorations that all my friends had stuck to their bedroom ceilings – I was jaw-clenchingly jealous of everyone who had those because my mum wouldn’t let me ‘wreck our house for the sake of a glitterball’ – GOD, mum – or maybe keep it perched regally on two tall pillars of glass? Pyrex? I would.

Unfortunately, I’m not clever enough to make either of those wildly impractical things so I just have to keep it in the lovely teal storage bag it came with. I can’t stress enough how ENTHUSED I am about it coming with a storage bag. I’m so over having to buy my own bags for things.

The Double-O is fairly slim, and measures just shy of 8 inches long. It’s got a distinct bend to it, each textured half curves upwards and with the bulbous ends it’s no surprise that it’s marketed mainly as a g-spot stimulator. The two textures each provide different sensations – one side has large, evenly spaced bumps, and the other a long, slender swirl. I’m not going to say it’s butt safe because it doesn’t have a flared base – I guess you could count the opposing bulb as a barrier of some kind, but I wouldn’t risk it. We all know how I feel about buttholes.

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Icicles Rose (no. 12) glass dildo review

rosey66I’m going to be totally honest and say that the Icicles rose doesn’t really appeal to me aesthetically, it actually kind of reminds me of those cheap mock-Murano sculptures you find in like, the Home section of Sainsburys. But when I’m looking at something to stick in my vagina I’m not that concerned about whether I’d want to leave it out my bookshelf or not – although, coincidentally, I have done that. And everyone knew what it was, probably because they know me well enough to twig that I’d never buy something that looked like this unless it served a higher purpose.

The Rose is nearly eight inches long and fairly slim but it has a bunch of differing measurements thanks to all those bulbs – the girthiest part, the bud, measures 5″ around, the middle bulb 4″ around, and the bottom bulb 5″ again. The skinny bit, the stem I guess, thins out to 1″ directly under the bud and the piece above the fattest bottom bulb is 2″. It’s completely straight, has a flared base, no g-spot or p-spot bend, and any texture is restricted to the bud, which has sculpted petal detailing that’s good for clit stimulation. Allegedly.

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Review – Icicles No 24 tentacle glass dildo

tenta5The tentacle was my first glass toy and as much as I adore this thing, I wish I’d chosen something else. See, when I bought it I wasn’t that aware of how little give glass has – like, duh, obviously, it’s fucking glass – but having never held a glass toy in real life and having only a minimal idea of how heavy and firm they are, I went ahead and bought it anyway because #yolo, I guess.

As soon as I got it out of the box (which I don’t have anymore, but anyone familiar with Pipedream’s other vibrators, dildos, etc, will know what they look like – they’re very handy and I wish I’d kept mine) I was lovestruck. The beautiful translucent pink, the attention to detail, the whole thing was just awe-inspiring. And of course, all of that went to hell when I tried to use it and realised I’d bitten off way more than I could chew. It hurt, it was uncomfortable, I banished it back to its box and it sat in storage for months. Until I bought another, much smoother, glass dildo, and then another, this time a slightly curved one, and another, this time one with a lumpy bumpy graduated shaft. And I decided to give it a go again.

dildo glass pink reviews

Crystal Heart Wavy glass dildo review

 I bought this from Lovehoney after having lusted after it for nearly a year, and it arrived as usual, well packed in discreet brown cardboard packaging. It comes in a slim box with an image of the dildo itself on the outside. After opening it, I found that instead of the usual storage bag it comes in a lovely frosted display case that is shown in the picture above! I initially thought this case was made of frosted glass due to the thickness and feel of it, but much to my surprise, it’s plastic. The case is a nice touch, the frosted finish blurs the dildo from the outside and it really just resembles a pretty jar – just try and keep people from looking inside of it!