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The njoy Pure Wand is a sleek curve of stainless steel that’s a pain in the arse to photograph and weighs in at a hefty 1.5lbs, or 680g – think a jar of golden syrup. It’s been carefully weighted and each end has a different circumference, the bigger bulb being 4.5 inches around and the smaller measuring 3.25 around. Completely smooth with a mirror shine – except for the njoy logo, which I think is in a brushed steel finish? – it’s a beautiful piece of work, and could probably do some serious damage if you were to drop it on your foot. Don’t do that.

DISCLAIMER – before I really begin, I feel like I kind of to have to mention squirting in some capacity* here as this has been touted time and time again as some kind of divining rod for prostates and g-spots alike. I don’t squirt. I’ve done it twice, hated it, and I have no interest in doing it again. This is a non-negotiable thing. It makes me feel sick in the same way that caterpillars and mashed potato do. I’m sure the Pure Wand is more than capable of making me squirt again, it definitely feels like it could – but I can’t help anyone with that. Sorry fronds.

The day my Pure Wand arrived I wasn’t as productive with it as I’d like to have been – usually I like to use things the second I get them, but it was cold outside. And the steel was freezing. And there was no hot water. Rainy days in England have this incredible effect on the body where you feel instantly miserable as soon as you’re under that grey sky, and the furthest thing on my mind was wanking. But eventually the weather got warmer – unbearably warm – and as it turns out, a sunny day with a clear blue sky and a sharp chill is the best kind of weather for stuffing yourself full of steel.

The bigger bulb seems to be what most people use but I’ve not really been able to get along with it; it feels too big, unwieldy, too heavy, uncomfortable, bulky. It’s the same feeling I get when I haven’t warmed up properly and I’m trying to use something internally – except it feels like that all the time. It’s very possible that this is just a learning curve I have yet to master, but for now the big end is relegated to other people’s vaginas and for the odd shoulder/leg massage.


The little end though, oh god, I don’t know how it does it but it does it so well. It’s like a heat-seeking missile for g-spot stimulation; all I have to do is apply a little bit of lube, nudge it upwards and rock it back and forth. My g-spot’s shallow but placed higher up, and the Pure Wand finds it and basically hammers it into submission in the best kind of way – like, I paired it with the We-Vibe Touch and was completely unable to walk afterwards. It’s that good. The only downside is that after relentlessly banging away at my vagina with a pound and a half of steel my arm starts to hurt and I sometimes have to admit defeat; but luckily for me I have a girlfriend whose arms are considerably stronger than mine and who really likes watching me bite the pillow.

Getting a Pure Wand has also managed to increase my all-consuming lust for a Pure plug tenfold; if this feels good in my butt, then what’s a Pure plug going to feel like? How well crafted is that going to be? It’s so smooth that I don’t need that much warmup, and it does something that only my large Rosebud plug has done before (and that’s only if I lie on my back & pull my knees up) – it stimulates my g-spot. It feels even more intense, if that’s possible, although I still prefer it in my vag.

I love the Pure Wand. I am a convert. There isn’t a position it doesn’t feel good in, although I think it feels the best on my hands and knees, or on my back with my legs pulled up. It can be used with any lubricant, it’s easy to clean, it comes with a storage box, it’s gonna last me forever and it can be brought to my favourite temperature by soaking it in a sink of warm water. I’m a bit scared it’s going to replace all my other insertable toys, if I’m honest, but I love it so much I almost don’t care.

I bought my Pure Wand from Lovehoney (UK-based, intl shipping), but you can also buy it from any of these nice retailers –

Shevibe (US-based, intl shipping) | Sh! (UK) | Lovehoney US (US)

* hahahahahhahaah capacity



  1. BlissfullyOrgasmic 11/07/2014

    I’m glad you liked the Pure Wand! It is truly magical isn’t it?! I have to admit it has made me lust the njoy Eleven a lot!!

    • A C 11/07/2014

      It’s amaaaaazing and I’m only using one end, haha! Oooh, I go back and forth on the Eleven, it looks equal parts terrifying and gorgeous.

      • BlissfullyOrgasmic 11/07/2014

        I agree haha! But I reallyyy want one. Though it is rather expensive 🙁 So won’t be for a while that I get that.

        • A C 12/07/2014

          £250…but it comes with a bag! A BAG! Also, it could probably double as an excellent burglar deterrent.

  2. JillianEsque 19/07/2014

    Lemme just say, I’ve been in love with the Pure Wand for three years now and I’ve still not got one, because I can’t afford one. I weep.

    Also, if you want a toy that can double as a burglar deterrent, I held an nJoy Eleven last year while at a reading at Sh! and that thing could break through double glazing if it wants.

    Love your blog, btw.

    • A C 19/07/2014

      Yeah, I thought I’d never get my grubby little hands on one but I ended up winning a gift voucher and it was a bit of a no-brainer, really!

      Yes! The Eleven is SO heavy, I have serious respect for anyone who’s able to use one without their wrists giving out. Thankyou! That’s really kind.

  3. Camryn 19/07/2014

    I prefer the smaller end as well, but then I mostly use my Pure Wand anally. *laughs*
    Glad you enjoyed yourself!
    (And yay! I’m not the only one that doesn’t like squirting!)

    • A C 19/07/2014

      Pure Wand twins, hooray! The big end is just too…big, I guess, and squirting just isn’t my thing for a variety of reasons.

  4. Denise Smith 06/11/2014

    i cant afford one of these i have never seen one that big before i have only squirted a few times myself im not sure if i like to or not i guess i need to try it again

  5. Nim 15/04/2015

    Why don’t you like squirting? That’s kind of the whole point of the pure wand lol.

    • A C 15/04/2015

      *picks you up and dumps you in a well so no-one has to hear you spew this nonsense ever again*

  6. Lula 24/07/2015

    So, I have been reading a LOT of review on the pure wand recently, and so far I haven’t seen a single one say a bad thing about it. I’ve become kind of enamored, and so I saved up and bought myself one for my recent birthday.
    The thing is gorgeous and hefty and just WOW, I like looking at it and holding it
    But, actually using it? I… don’t know if I’m doing something wrong here, but it hasn’t wowed me any more than any other toy I’ve used. Which have never wowed me more than my own hands have done, sometimes. Which has never been the brain-blasting, star-seeing experience everyone else seems to be having when wanking.

    I’ve looked up actual tutorials, haha, but there’s one elusive detail that EVERYONE uses, that I don’t understand.
    “Rocking it back and forth”
    In which direction? Toward and away from my navel? Toward one leg and then the other? I just don’t get it.

    I want so bad for this thing to be amazing, but I feel like I must be doing something wrong. Or maybe it’s just me, and my orgasm machine is broken. I don’t know.
    Either way, do you have any tips that might help me out? I need to justify the amount of money I spent, and I’m going to do it either by orgasm city, or by going out and fighting crime with a steel dildo as my weapon of choice.

    • A C 27/07/2015

      So when I say ‘back and forth’ I mean inserting it, grasping whatever end rests outside of my body and gently pulling it backwards and letting it move forwards again, rinse and repeat. Sometimes I jiggle it and that’s basically just yanking it up and down with wild abandon (not too wild cause I don’t want a bruised pubic bone). It varies.

      I really doubt you’re doing anything wrong – there’s no one dildo to rule them all, and anyone who says otherwise is lying. It might just not agree with your body; everyone raves about the Mona 2 but I hate that thing. Having said that, I have two suggestions – have you tried warming it up before you use it? Sticking a frozen length of steel inside me always feels a bit medical, but the heat from a bowl of warm water just feels nice to my insides.

      Idk how you masturbate so this might be a stupid suggestion, but if you like external vibrators have you tried incorporating one of those with the pure wand? I used to be really neutral on my Tantus slow drive but after a couple of times with an external vibe I sort of warmed up to it, I guess, and now I can use it by myself like, look, no hands!

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